Siemens CF62 (CF62T) review


Main Menu

The menu consists of a grid of 9 icons. When you enter the menu, the active icon is the one in the middle of the grid. The menu icons are animated and you can use number navigation also (for those who don't know – a number is assigned to every menu so if you want to access Messages for instance, you push #3, then if you want to send new message you push #2 etc). My probably the only issue with this phone is its speed – sometimes it is SLOW beyond all belief. For example, to start a JAVA game it takes around 4 minutes and 30 seconds. The other area where I noticed very sluggish performance was Messaging. The speed of the rest of the menus was not top notch, but it was bearable.

Voice messages

Allows you to record a message of around 1:12 minutes max and then send it. Unfortunately, the message can not be saved and listed to later.

T-zones Wap

The WAP browser performed satisfactory and for my surprise started considerably faster then for example JAVA games.

Call Logs

Call logs are stored for the last 10 missed, received and dialed numbers. There is a date and time stamp available from the missed and received calls, but it was missing for the dialed ones, so you have no way of knowing when you called someone.


I saw this screen a lot
Writing new message

According to the manual, around 100 messages can be stored. This number depends on the phone's free memory and the size of the messages. SMS templates and MMS are also supported. Overall setting the speed problems aside, the Messaging is well designed with no missing functionality.


Scrolling contacts
Viewing a contact

You can switch between sim card (phonebook) and addressbook (numbers saved in the phone). The number of contacts saved in the phone is around 500 but depends on the available memory.  What I did not like is that you can not search for a full name, but you are limited just to the first character. For example, if you wan to search for John, you can only type J, and all people staring with J will appear. I have more then 250 entrees, so it is not fun looking for a particular contact only by the first letter.
Multiple numbers per contact are also supported, so you can add home phones, mobile, fax numbers, e-mail, URL, company and physical address. You can also input the contact's birthday so you can get a reminder on that day. Picture or graphic can be assigned to every entry so when they call, the image is displayed. Voice dialing is not missing and you can assign voice tags to up to 20 contacts.  The caller groups feature allows the user to put their contacts in one of the 9 predefined groups and then assigned different ringtone to every group.



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CF63 / CF62 / CF62T
  • Display 130 x 130 pixels
  • Battery 600 mAh(5.00h talk time)

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