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On our end, voices sounded clear for the most part, but there was a slight echo that could be heard toward the end of sentences. However, on the other end of the line, our callers did state that our voice sounded choppy – which made it somewhat difficult to make out our conversation. As we switched to the speakerphone, audio was rather weak with a prominent static hiss heard in the background as we conversed – which was even more noticeable when there was complete silence. The poor calling quality found on the Sharp FX clearly doesn't make it an attractive offering, but since it's geared towards the the sociably silent crowd fixed with text messaging, it shouldn't be too much of a distraction.

Signal strength was pretty solid while we tested it out in the greater Philadelphia region with no major fluctuations in signal strength when it's stationary.

Battery life was more than acceptable on the handset since we were able to achieve a talk time of 7 hours on a single charge in an area of high coverage. That's especially enticing when the manufacturer has it rated for a mere 3 hours of talk and 240 hours of standby time.


Since the Sharp FX is a mid-range offering priced at $99.99 after rebates, its performance and set of features make it a compelling offering over its rivals like the LG Vu Plus on AT&T. Not only are we witnessing a rebirth of some sort with the Sidekick line, especially when Sharp manufactured them, but they were able bring along all the things we loved about the youth oriented device – specifically the design and keyboard. However, the combination of an inaccurate touchscreen and confusing homescreen interface substantially shows off its inability to be a completely well rounded device. Naturally the Sidekick line of handsets catered to youthful individuals with its unique integration of services, but since the social networking experience on the Sharp FX is no different from other AT&T feature phones, it clearly doesn't have anything compelling to make it a superior offering. In addition, being priced at $99.99 does make it a difficult purchase for some since the same experience can be found on other AT&T handsets that are priced lower.

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  • Responsive QWERTY
  • Good battery life


  • Inaccurate touchscreen
  • Confusing homescreen interface

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6. Yakkers unregistered

Well, I got this phone like.. 3 months ago and i don't know what the other people are talking about, i absolutely love this phone!

5. ashleywillamson unregistered

this phone sucks

4. robertgilbert.previous owner unregistered

i previously own this phone and it did not impreese me. i had it for 3 monthes and the sound stop working. and it had many other glitches. i searched about this phone and relized many other previous customers had the same problems as i. since SHARP does not make many cell phone, i assume that that is the reason their phones are terrible. i advise people not to purchase this phone

3. tps24 unregistered

Not the type of device I'd buy.

2. kitsuneguy unregistered

When the phone is in conversation messaging format, is there anyway to change the colors from blue and pink to anything else?

1. AladdinSane

Posts: 12; Member since: Jul 10, 2010

This device is a DEFINITE misfire for AT&T... Peace...
  • Display 3.0 inches
    400 x 240 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP (Single camera)
  • Storage 0.08GB, microSDHC
  • Battery 1240 mAh

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