Scosche RS1060 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

Audio and Call Quality:

We’ve checked out a few other Scosche related accessories for the site, which employed certain mobile related apps to work in conjunction with them, but with this, there’s nothing attached to it whatsoever. Ultimately, we’re just left to simply pair it to our smartphones – and in this case, they include the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. Whereas most Bluetooth headsets offer some sort of voice guide assistance with the setup, the Scosche RS1060 doesn’t have anything remotely close to it, so we’re left to merely read the instruction booklet. No biggie though, it’s able to maintain connectivity to our devices up to 30 feet away!

Taking into consideration its size and whatnot, we were expecting to hear something grand and thumping with its audio quality. Unfortunately, it’s more underwhelming than anything else with its 40mm REALM drivers, which is a bummer when we factor in its price point and towering figure. To be more specific, we do appreciate the strong volume output, but it’s lacking the supplemental booming bass tones that would shake us to the core – it’s more subdued quite honestly. In addition, there’s some pitchiness with its quality at the loudest volume setting, which tends to make it sound rather glaring to the ear. Still, the most optimal experience is found when it’s positioned to the middle volume setting.

Call quality is only tolerable if you’re in a quiet environment, seeing that its built-in microphone picks up everything – and we mean everything! Plus, don’t bother trying to use it on the car with the windows down, since it doesn’t feature noise-cancellation technology. If there’s one bright spot in this category, it’s that the volume output is undeniably substantial enough to discern voices – though, there’s some noticeable distortion with them.

Battery Life:

Thanks to its rechargeable battery, it’s rated to provide 8 hours of usage from a full charge, which is in line to the industry standard with most Bluetooth headphones in its class. However, we imagine that it can be used longer if you opt to go with a wired connection on some occasions.


In the end, there isn’t anything polarizing or noteworthy about the Scosche RS1060 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. And in fact, they’re nothing more than mediocre at best, which doesn’t bode too well for it when it needs to make a splash in this particular segment of the market. Making it an even tougher sell, the $200 price attached to the Scosche RS1060 wouldn’t help to steer us towards its grasp, seeing that its construction doesn’t merit enough qualities to make it feel like a premium pair of headphone – plus its audio quality and features set are lacking. Being average isn’t going to help, especially when average tends to be overlooked in this day and age.

Scosche RS1060 Video Review:


  • Comfortable feel
  • Collapsible design
  • Optional wired connection


  • Mediocre audio quality
  • Cheap construction
  • Features set is lacking

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