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Sanyo MM-7400 review

Sanyo SCP-7400 / MM-7400

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Sanyo MM-7400 review
Sanyo MM-7400 review
Vision Home
Sanyo MM-7400 review
Web browser menu
Sanyo MM-7400 review

Like the rest of the phone, the web browser is very easy to use. Clicking on WEB brings you to the Sprint's home page. From here you can access the browser's bookmarks menu, can go to a specific URL or view the already visited sites.

I will start the excellent voice quality on both ends of the line (the way you hear the other party, and how the other party hears you). The sound reproduces is extremely loud if set to max and overall clear. Also excellent is the built-in speakerphone, which is located on the top of the clamshell.
The battery life was very close to its official rating of about 3.5 hours of continuous talk time. As I have mentioned earlier, the MM-7400 is one of the fastest phones I have tested.

Sanyo MM-7400 surpassed my greatest expectations! The phone has excellent performance, beautiful TFT display, advanced voice-control and feedback, all packed in a well designed, rubberized clamshell. If you do not core so much about POP3/IMAP4 email access, infrared or PC Synchronization, this phone should be on the top of your shopping lists.


  • Immaculate TFT display
  • Extensive Voice control and feedback
  • Excellent speakerphone
  • Very good Video capture quality
  • Very fast response times  


  • Lacks connectivity options - NO Irda, NO Bluetooth
  • Lack PC synchronization (except for ringtones and pictures)
  • Lacks POP3/IMAP support
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Display176 x 220 pixels TFT
Camera0.3 megapixels VGA
Size3.64 x 1.97 x 1.13 inches
(92 x 50 x 29 mm)
4.06 oz  (115 g)

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