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Sanyo MM-7400 review

Sanyo SCP-7400 / MM-7400

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Sanyo MM-7400 review
Sanyo MM-7400 review
Packman Game
Sanyo MM-7400 review

Games, ringers, screensavers and the phone application are all stored in this menu. The phone supports 72-chords plus AAC file format which combined with the excellent speakerphone makes the ring tones sound just great.
The phone comes with three pre-loaded games – Pack-man, Solitaire and Tetris. I don't have to tell you that the games load very fast and are great entertainment.


Sanyo MM-7400 review
MobiTv loading
Sanyo MM-7400 review
MobiTV channel List
Sanyo MM-7400 review
Viewing MobiTv

In the applications section I found MobiTv trial, Real-rTV trial, and Weathernews. The promo for MobiTv looked fine, so I subscribed for it. For a $9.95 a month, I got unlimited access to the following channels:

  • NBC Mobile
  • Discovery
  • TLC
  • ABC News
  • Fox Sports
  • CNBC
  • CSTV
  • Vegas Sports
  • Vegas Scoreline
  • CMC
  • CMC Beat
  • Comedy Time
  • Fashion TV
  • CNET
  • Discovery Kids
  • TWTV Classics
  • Discovery Espaniol
  • CPAN
  • CSPAN 2

MobiTV sample (ABC News, 3Mb Divx file)

To my surprise, I got so hooked up, that left the writing of this review for later and started watching ABC News on the MM-7400. Please, do not expect regular TV like experience – instead of the normal 25 frames per seconds, MobiTV broadcasts with I would say 2-3 frames per second, but just the notion of going around doing your business and having access to all those channels is very trilling. The sound and picture would skip from time to time, but overall it worked very well.

Sanyo MM-7400 review
Real TV

Unlike MobiTV, Real TV just showed a new frame every 5-6 seconds.
RealTv sample (3.5Mb DIVX file)

Voice Features
The MM-7400 has excellent voice control and voice-feedback capabilities. One of the ring tones that you can select actually speaks to you the name of the person who is calling. If the name is not in your phonebook, then the whole phone number is read! Then you can just hold the voice-operation side button and you can pick-up the line. Another nifty feature is the ability of the phone to read the number as you are dialing them. This way you do not have to stare at the screen to make sure you are dialing the right digits – you just listen to what you are dialing as the phone is reading it to you.
Speaker-independent voice dialing and command is also available. Speaker-independent means that the phone recognizes human speech without prior training. So if you just enter a new contact called David, you do not have to speak David's name and record it so your phone can recognize it.
The phone also supports several voice commands. Voice-command menu can be activated by pressing one of the side buttons, or the “speaker” button of the regular keypad. The phone responds with “say a command”. The commands that are available are:

  • Contact – allows you to voice-dial a contact from your Phonebook
  • Dial number – you speak the digits of the phone number and the phone dials them
  • Call voice tag – allows you to place a call by saying the pre-recorded voice-tag
  • Find contact  - same as Contact
  • Digit training – allows you to train your phone for better voice-recognition accuracy
  • Phone Status – read back the signal and battery levels plus your phone number
  • Edit Voice Tag – used to edit already saved voice-tags
    • Ready Link – (push-to-talk)
    • Contact – connect to a ready-link contact
    • Group – dial a group
    • Dial number
    • Phone status


  • Options

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Display176 x 220 pixels TFT
Camera0.3 megapixels VGA
Size3.64 x 1.97 x 1.13 inches
(92 x 50 x 29 mm)
4.06 oz  (115 g)

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