The Main Menu on the Katana DLX is organized into 12 categories (Web, Call History, Sprint TV, On Demand, Missed Alerts, Music, My Content, Messaging, Tools, Pictures, Contacts, and Settings), which can be viewed as a 3x4 grid or as a list. The menus are colorful and have a good response time. There are also 3 Menu Themes that you can choose from (Sprint, Sanyo, and Email), with the Sprint and Email Theme showing 4 options on the home screen (Main Menu, On Demand, Music, and Send Text). While this is designed to save time, we preferred using the Sanyo Theme, which keeps the home screen uncluttered.


The Phonebook will store up to 500 Contacts, with each one allowing you to enter in the Name, 7 Phone numbers, 2 E-Mail addresses, Web Site, Group, Street Address, and Memo. You can also select a specific ringtone to be played and picture displayed when a contact calls. After your contacts are saved, you can assign them to one of 98 Speed Dial locations. Calling a person on your speed dial is as easy as pressing the 1 or 2 digit number followed by the Talk button.


Accessing the Calendar is done so through the Tools menu. Once there, the current months is shown with the current date highlighted. You can use the navigational pad to select any month, day, or year that you desire. Pressing the Right Soft Key will open the Options Screen. From there, you can input a Schedule’s Name, Category, Priority, Start Date & Time, End Date & Time, Location, Alarm Tone, and Repeat. When that date and time is reached, the phone will display the information on the screen and alert you by playing the selected alarm tone. This is an easy and effective way of keeping track of appointments.

Other phone tools include Voice Memo, Stopwatch, Countdown, World Clock, and Calculator. The Voice Memo will allow you to record a short memo that can be played back at any time. This is useful for things such as remembering where you parked your car. The Stopwatch and Countdown Timer both do as their name implies. The World Clock will show you the current time in cities around the globe, and the Calculator will perform simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

One disappointing feature of the Katana DLX is the Voice Activated Dialing. It requires the user to manually record a Voice Tag for each Contact’s phone number. Because of this, it can be cumbersome and time consuming to record Voice Tags for hundreds of stored phone numbers. We would have rather seen the more widely used Speaker-Independent system, where the speech-recognition only requires you to train it. Once that is completed, it will automatically understand the name and numbers you whish to dial.

The Katana DLX only comes with 32MB of Internal Memory. However, there is a 128MB MicroSD card that is included, and the phone is capable of using up to a 4GB MicroSD card. This more than makes up for the lack of larger internal memory.



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Katana DLX
  • Display 2.0" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Storage 0.032 GB
  • Battery 920 mAh(4.00h talk time)

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