7:45 AM

After I calmed down, I got up and quietly walked down the street. I felt the need for some music and decided to take advantage of the 1 GB storage for audio, video and image files. Even though there was no memory card slot, the adidas phone could be defined as a good music player.

I pressed the dedicated shortcut, although the same function is accessible from the miCoach menu and is even automatically offered to be activated during training mode. The player is very easy to use and has many options for sorting the songs. There’s even a special “tempo” category included where the phone the phone automatically takes the songs with faster rhythm and includes them here. I’m able to make a list of the titles that motivate me or to sort them by an artist, genre, album or composer.

On top of that, I have an FM radio. It’s a bit annoying that when the “virtual coach” option is activated, the voice of the speaker interrupts the music very often.

I didn’t even think to upload videos on the phone. It only supports MPEG4 and H.263 and it can’t open videos with high resolution. That was what made me listen to my favorite tunes instead.


10:39 AM

While I was walking down the busy streets, I was nicely surprised. A person, looking like the target of the mission, appeared at about 6 feet from me. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my spy micro camera and I was not able to take a picture of the individual and send it to HQ for confirmation. Then I remembered my Samsung miCoach. I pulled it out and started the camera up.

It was only a 2-megapixel one, but fast and with many settings. I could choose a shooting mode, resolution, white balance, and ISO sensitivity. There also were a bunch of effects (black-white, negative, sepia, embros,scratch, antique) and frames available for use. I didn’t need them for the moment, but they gave me the opportunity to add an artistic touch to the pictures I took, in no way making them professional. They would have been of good use if I needed to snap a picture of a loved one, but this wasn’t the case. I didn’t really like this guy.

I quickly sent an MMS with the picture of the supposed target to HQ and was about to record his astonished expression in a video with a maximum resolution of 176 x 144, when my phone rang...

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