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Samsung miCoach Review

Samsung miCoach

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7:10 AM

Home screen - Samsung miCoach Review
Home screen - Samsung miCoach Review

Home screen

I’m on the street and the fresh morning air fills my lungs. I look at my miCoach. The homescreen is taken up from a built-in pedometer, which operates without any additional sensors, but the data it provides is not precise, since it marks movement even when I move the phone from hand to hand and I’m standing still. Naturally, there is an option for a dynamic background, which changes, according to the time zone. If I pick this alternative though, there won’t be any information about distance walked on the screen, which is not acceptable for my mission.

I am very happy that I can configure the navigational button. By default, LEFT goes to “create a message”, RIGHT opens the music player, DOWN gives you access to the calendar and UP takes you to “my menu”. The latter can be additionally configured by entering it and choosing the last option. The other four offer fast access to the messages, alarms, file folder, and the calendar. I didn’t waste my time to configure them so they don’t match the rest of the shortcuts, but if a wanted to, I could‘ve had everything “at a finger’s touch”. Only the soft buttons’ functionality cannot be changed; the right one leads you to the phonebook and the left one to the main menu.

Main menu - Samsung miCoach Review
Themes - Samsung miCoach Review

Main menu


The main menu is almost similar to most of the latest Samsung phones and is a 3x4 grid with extremely clean icons. I like the “Spartan” design, but I would have liked to have the option to change it via themes. Here, they only modify the background color and that’s why I prefer to use the black and white theme.


Samsung miCoach Review
Dialing - Samsung miCoach Review


I open the phonebook, where I can store up to 1000 contacts with 2 numbers each and an e-mail. Also, I can add a picture, a ringtone and associate them with groups, which unfortunately, cannot be personalized, except by giving them a name. Searching through the contacts is done only by the first letter, which is quite inconvenient.

That’s why, I quickly close the phonebook and dial 0100 738 from the keyboard. The contacts or numbers that start with these digits, visualize on the screen instantaneously. Once again, the search is not done by the whole number and I have to enter the first few numbers. This is not that hard, since I don’t have many friends, whose number starts with 0100 738738 334.

I call HQ, but I get no answer. I give it another try and no success. They must be really busy if no one is available to receive a call from one of their top agents to be.

I open the call register, which is divided in tabs containing the last calls made, missed or accepted. This may sound strange, but according to the log, nobody has called me in the last three days.


I look at the calendar as well. It can be viewed by month, week, or a day, but all three are telling me that today is The Day. It is not by coincidence that I have set up a reminder and a task with all the possible alarms (5) activated too. To make sure everything goes smooth, I have even synchronized the time with the World Clock. It is wonderful that the phone has so many reminders and all of them can be found in the applications menu (except the alarms and the calendar). These are very handy, considering the memory problem I have, but please don’t mention that to the boss.

Samsung miCoach Review
Calendar - Samsung miCoach Review
Samsung miCoach Review
World clock - Samsung miCoach Review



World clock

Calculator - Samsung miCoach Review
Converter - Samsung miCoach Review
Stopwatch - Samsung miCoach Review
Alarms - Samsung miCoach Review





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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Dexter (unregistered)

I appreciate the effort and creativity put into writing this review. However it was quite tedius having to trudge through the poorly written fictional account for actual phone info. Hopefully this will be the first and last review of this kind.

posted on 25 May 2008, 17:47

2. (unregistered)

A story review.. really unique amd inventive, and it's good to see for one someone sweat to make a review. Good job PhoneArena :)

posted on 25 May 2008, 17:48

3. (unregistered)

ew, the pappeal thingy buy their stuff from like, addidas? i get my cute little sports outfits from like, lacoste and chanel and stuff

posted on 25 May 2008, 17:49

4. (unregistered)

i bought mine from reebok and new balance so what

posted on 27 May 2008, 09:05

6. pHx (Posts: 15; Member since: 09 Apr 2008)

SE W580i is phone with some sport functions. miCoach is sport system including phone with some other-than-sport functions ]:P

posted on 25 May 2008, 17:50

5. (unregistered)

The phone looks like an uglier, more cheaply made version of the LG KE800. How good is it against the Sony Ericsson W580i?

posted on 21 Jun 2008, 12:31

7. Brad (unregistered)

This was a great review. I like the fact that it is a story as well as a review! Because of this story i now am going to buy this phone! and become A secret Agent 007!

posted on 31 Oct 2008, 16:57

8. (unregistered)

I really enjoyed this phone at first, buying it the week it first became available. Once I'd found my way around the phone's various "phone" functions, I started to try out the miCoach side of it. The miCoach Web site was pretty good to begin with and has been updated a few times too. But, and this is a big but if you commit to a miCoach training programme, the HR sensor that came with the phone just died one day. It was fine on a Thursday morning, and dead on the Saturday. New batteries and resetting of the phone did not help. I was given a replacement but after six weeks (again on a Saturday morning) it got very temperamental. It didn't work that Saturday, but did on Sunday's run, before going on to die completely the following week. Samsung support suggestions have been largely unhelpful, with different staff making different, often contradictory suggestions, none of which worked and some of which sounded like the customer service staff member was making it up on the spot. Poor reliability, and very poor service. I was eventually promised a replacement, which never arrived, and I had to badger Samsung again, who insisted on taking me through yet more useless suggestions to correct the problem with the broken one I had. Finally, they have sent another. Unfortunately, I'm injured at the moment (not running-related) and so have not tried out sensor number three, but I am very disillusioned with the Samsung product and for the past couple of months have gone back to using my old phone.

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