Samsung Wave Y Preview

The Samsung Wave Y mimics the lowly specs of previous entry-level bada phones like the Wave 575. Having “Y” in the title is an indication that the phone is supposed to be priced sub-$200 without a contract, and is geared towards teens and emerging markets. Is the Samsung Wave Y just low-end, or low-end but with a twist that will justify its purchase over some affordable Android handset? Read on our preview to find out...
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1. Joshing4fun

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I know this is a preview but bada still doesn't impress me at all.

2. fagpple unregistered

peterfromsweden will kill you because of your statement. you're a deadman.

3. toaster

Posts: 114; Member since: Sep 13, 2011

Oh no, an unflattering preview on a Bada phone. Looks like we're never seeing you-know-who back here again.


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6. Eingild

Posts: 203; Member since: Apr 19, 2011

Looks like a C6-01. I'm not a Samsung hater. In fact, I'm a fan. But this has to stop. They need some originality. ( That was a meant as a constructive criticism)

7. qamz1

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 27, 2012

No Skype support, No Google Maps support, No Voice Guided Navigation like Nokia 5230 (for India) No NFC for India Version Wave Y GT-S5380K AGPS receiver is inbuilt but not working efficiently and fast as Google maps in Nokia 5230, I have both phone Loudspeaker volume very low though earpiece vol OK. Some 3G Network issues, No Network within Coverage, No issues with 2G, Only Incoming Full Duplex Video Call support, Apps are limited, Java Google maps not working as fullscreen touch. Browser doesnt support Full screen like Opera, Crappy thick opaque border of Dolphin3 browser. Touch Call End not working properly after screen OFF (Because of Proximity sensor) during conversation. No Good theme available. No Camera Autofocus
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