Samsung Wave 525 Review

Interface, Messaging, Software and Functionality:

The phone runs bada 1.1 underneath Samsung's TouchWiz 3.0 user interface. We extensively reviewed the combo when we talked about the Samsung Wave 723, and we didn't notice anything different, but the lack of some apps in the menu, chief of them being the gallery. There are 100MB of memory, which seem enough for the low-footprint mobile OS, although we did notice a split second lag here and there, especially in scrolling. 

The phone doesn’t have a front-facing camera, so it lacks the video calling button in the dialpad and contacts app. Speaking of contacts, there is social networking integration in your phonebook, which brings in your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and even Exchange contacts, but if we didn’t setup our network data services (and we didn’t), it wouldn’t load them via Wi-Fi.

The text messaging and email applications possess all the basic functionalities a modern smartphone OS offers, even text body search. Typing on the virtual keyboard is easy, and the keys positions are well chosen in both landscape and portrait modes

Right now a few decent games, such as Assassin’s Creed II and some applications are free for the latest bada phones, so you can enrich your collection until Samsung decides to pull the plug on the freebies.

Internet and Connectivity:

The Dolphin 2.0 browser is fairly decent, but lacks proper Flash support and polished interface. Samsung Wave 525 has EDGE connectivity, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 and FM radio. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity can be easily turned on and off from the switches in the notification bar.

Camera and Multimedia:

The 3MP shooter in the Samsung Wave 525 has the typical TouchWiz 3.0 camera interface, which is very touch-optimized and easy to use with a lot of functionalities. The pictures themselves turned out with a decent amount of detail and accurate color representation, but exposure compensation was hit and miss for bright objects. Indoors  in low light the shots were quite noisy. The phone shoots QVGA video at 15fps, which is good only for viewing on the handset's screen.

We mentioned the lack of a dedicated gallery app icon in the main menu, but it can be accessed through the camera interface, and has photo editing options built-in, for basic alterations to your photos on the handset.

Samsung Wave 525 Sample Video:

The music player is pretty decent with a lot of sorting options for your tracks, a music recognition service that you can fire straight from the app, and mock 5.1 channel SRS sound in headset mode. The loudspeaker is of decent volume but with the ubiquitous “tinny” effect when listening to tunes.

Video playing is not up to par with Samsung’s traditionally excellent codec support, as it lacks DivX/Xvid capabilities, and only plays clips up to the screen’s resolution.



1. FrankStraube unregistered

This is not Wave 525, but Wave 575. Because only Wave 575 has Wifi

2. calamazoo unregistered

actually they all have Wi-Fi, but only Wave 575 has 3G, 525 and 533 are EDGE-only, if that's what you mean...

11. 1989amit unregistered

samsung 525 has wi fi.....better go and check...

40. SOUMITA unregistered


59. babu unregistered

my samsang app is not working what to do plz tell me

3. Shou Ji unregistered

Wave525 only $160 and Wave 533 only $190 in my country (Indonesia)

4. FrankStraube unregistered

My bad, sorry. You are right ! After double checking, 525 have also Wifi but not 3G. Meaning it is a great phone for little money.

5. eiohb unregistered

how to sign out in facebook on this mobile samsung wave 525? anybody can help me..thanks!

37. sindhug unregistered

On your main menu, look for my accounts. You should see the text social networks, and your facebook account. tap the Facebook account to open it. You should see the delete button on the lower left corner. Once deleted, your account should be logged out. Hope this helps.

54. balu unregistered

ohh kuchu prblm hai kya off karo bus.

6. João Pessoa unregistered

Can you guys test the GPS?

7. loacker unregistered

why does my phone automatically restarts when i press edit at the menu when i want to organise the applications? can someone please tell me whats happening ):

81. hello2me

Posts: 3; Member since: Dec 11, 2011

mine does that too, i wonder why ...

8. alecsa unregistered

helooo!!! samsung wave 525 can read documents such as word for example?thx

10. ques unregistered

does it have pdf file readers?

12. Tresna unregistered

This phone supports all documents format such as doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, and pdf. Please check the phone manual(pdf) at samsung mobile website for sure :)

13. nags unregistered

samsung 525 support pdf files too am using it. its good

77. mammamaa unregistered


14. anakngtokwaka unregistered

does anyone can buy me that phone???? I'm serious and desperate

15. OBAID unregistered

does wave 525 have music recognition application?

16. sid4443 unregistered

can i use 3G service on my wave 525?

17. amber unregistered

no sid u cant use 3g service on wave 525

74. Ismail unregistered

3months old Samsung wave 525 for sale with good condition with all accessories (Bill box everything) purchased for 7300, sale for 6000. If interested call on: 7795246765 (Bangalore)


Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 28, 2011

The Wave 525, 533 and the wave 575 are quite similar phones with some differences while the 3 phones have wifi connectivity in them the wave 533 has a qwerty keypad and the wave 575 has a higher camera power and also 3G connectivity with wifi as well

19. mak unregistered

hi guys i hav been luking 4 dis phone ,,,with considering all specification sugest me should i go 4 dis and it has 3G

26. cpraveen unregistered

it has no 3G network...........

20. arvind unregistered

can i make video call using this mobile

21. g10000 unregistered

does 525 accept third party apps???

22. Renata unregistered

Hey, with this phone can I acess internet without memory problems? I have been reading about Samsung Star II and it seems that it has this kind of problems...

24. avinash19kausik unregistered

hey frnds is that the sound clarity and quality is better then nokia 5233. and is it easy to type text messages??
Wave 525
  • Display 3.2" 240 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.1 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1200 mAh(14.60h talk time)

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