Callers said that our voice sounded somewhat muffled and that the microphone seemed to be somewhat more sensitive than others as it's able to capture voices from a good distance. On our end, there was some static sound in the background, but it's not overbearing as we were still able to comprehend words that were spoken. When using the speaker phone for our conversations, it produced some strong tones that can be easily heard, but there was some echoing that was present. Despite some of the issues we found with its call quality, it's still decent enough to be passable for most people.

Although we didn't experience any connectivity issues to the network in the greater Philadelphia region, we tended to see bars on the phone fluctuate – even when we were stationary at the same spot.

It's almost unheard of to see a handset that boasts a massive and bright display still be able present you with a great battery life – even more so when it's an Android powered smartphone. During our testing, we set the phone to automatic brightness and did some heavy usage as we attempted to see what kind of longevity it can pull out. We were more than surprised to find the handset at 50 percent battery after a full day of heavy usage. It's a safe bet to say that it manages to set the bar for Android phones with its stellar battery life. For the average person using it in normal conditions, we'd imagine that it could potentially get a good 2 days before requiring a recharge. Probably the Super AMOLED technology, which is touted for its low power consumption, has something to do with that.


T-Mobile customers have been treated to a stellar device in Google's very first branded phone – the Google Nexus One. Up until now, the Nexus One claimed the top title not only in T-Mobile's lineup, but on many others around the world as well. However, the Samsung Vibrant comes storming out of the gate to provide customers a new level of experience that's supplemented by its refreshing interface, swift performance, and battery life that makes everything else before it pale in comparison. The Super AMOLED display doesn't disappoint as it's clearly the first striking characteristic that enthralls gazers from a far distance – not to mention playing Avatar will also get the smartphone noticed by peers. Additionally, T-Mobile's version includes some extra goodies that showcase some of the foundational strengths it has already been known to excel in – such as gaming and video playback. Now that the Samsung Vibrant is here and available to the masses, it easily washes away the bad after taste left in the wake of the Behold II last fall. T-Mobile customers won't want to miss out on this handset as it's easily by far the best Android offering available to them this summer.

Samsung Vibrant Video Review:


  • Brilliant Super AMOLED
  • High-performance Hummingbird CPU
  • Superb battery life
  • Awesome video playback


  • Choppy photo quality
  • Mediocre calling quality
  • Plastic construction

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