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Samsung UpStage M620 Review

Samsung UpStage

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Samsung UpStage M620 Review
Samsung UpStage M620 Review
The UpStage is able to send and receive Text, Picture, and VoiceSMS Messages. For text messaging, you press the OK button and select Send Text Message. First you will need to enter in the phone number or E-Mail address of the recipient. Then you use the keypad to type in the message. The phone uses the T9 predictive text entry method, which means the software will try and predict the words that you are typing. This method works well a majority of the time, but some uncommon words will need to be entered manually. Picture Messaging is done in the same way as sending a text message, except that a picture can be chosen as an attachment. VoiceSMS will allow you to record a short voice message that can be sent and played by another phone. This can be easier and more convenient than typing out a long text message.

There are 5 E-Mail options available: PCS Mail, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and Other. The PCS Mail will access your personal SprintPCS account (youraccount@sprintpcs.com). From here you can read and send new E-Mail messages. The AOL menu will allow you to connect to either the AOL IM service or your AOL E-Mail account. While MSN will connect to the MSN Messenger and Hotmail, and Yahoo connects to Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail. All of these are simple to use and act in the same way as if you were using your PC. Unfortunately, there is no option to allow access of standard POP E-Mail servers. This does not surprise us, since the UpStage is not a SmartPhone.

Samsung UpStage M620 Review
Samsung UpStage M620 Review

The UpStage is an all-digital CDMA dual band phone that can connect using either 1X or the faster EVDO 3G Network. Since there is no SIM Card, the phone is only capable of working in the U.S. and on the Sprint Network.

Bluetooth v1.2 is supported and will allow up to 20 pairing. Supported profiles include: Headset, Handsfree, DUN, OPP, FTP, BPP Printing, Stereo A2DP, and AVRC. We tested the UpStage using our Jabra v250 headset, and were able to get up 25 feet of static-free calling. We were also able to use the phone’s Voice Command features while connected to the BT headset. For music playback, we connected to the Motorola HT820 stereo headset, which also provided up to 25 feet of static-free music. We were able to use the music control buttons on the HT820 to play, pause, rewind, and fast forward the music, since it supports the AVRC profile.


Since the UpStage is not a SmartPhone, Web Browsing is limited to the standard WAP browser. When accessing the Web, you are fist connected to the Sprint Power Vision home site. The home screen shows 10 options to choose from: My Account, Messaging, Downloads, News, Weather, Sports, Entertainment, Money, Find it, and Portals. Each option has various sub-menus; such as News has 12 choices within it. You can also enter in a specific web site by pressing the Right Soft Key and selecting Go To URL. When used within an EVDO coverage area most WAP sites will load in under 5 seconds, and HTTP site in under 20 seconds. However, since the phone uses a WAP browser, it will not display most standard HTTP sites correctly. If you require a device that offers full HTTP web site viewing, then a SmartPhone would be considered a better choice.

Samsung UpStage M620 Review
Samsung UpStage M620 Review
Samsung UpStage M620 Review
Samsung UpStage M620 Review
Samsung UpStage M620 Review

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