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Samsung UpStage M620 Review

Samsung UpStage

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Home screen - Samsung UpStage M620 Review
Main menu - Samsung UpStage M620 Review

Home screen

Main menu


The Main Menu is only viewable by the music side of the phone. When accessing the main menu, you are shown a screen with 9 icons: Web, Call History, Sprint TV, On Demand, Missed Alerts, Music, My Content, Messaging, Tools, Pictures, Contacts, and Setting. There are no menu themes to choose from. The only menu customization that is available is to have the background color white or black, and have the icons displayed as a grid or a list. Despite these limited choices, the menu is laid out well and you can easily find what you are looking for.

Samsung UpStage M620 Review
Samsung UpStage M620 Review
Samsung UpStage M620 Review

Up to 500 contacts may be stored in the Phonebook. Each contact will allow you to enter in the Name, five Numbers (Mobile, Home, Work, Pager, Other), E-Mail address, Web Site, Nickname, Memo, Group, Ringtone, and Photo. The Ringtone setting will allow you to designate a specific ringtone to be played when that contact calls the phone, while the Photo setting will allow you to specify a picture to be shown on the screen. After all the contacts are saved, you can view them in a list alphabetically and also search through the list by typing the contacts name. There are 98 speed-dial locations that contacts can be assigned to.

The UpStage features built in Voice Commands that is accessed by holding down the Talk button. Available options are Call Name or Number, Send Text, Send E-Mail, Send SMS, Lookup Name, and GoTo App. For stored contacts, you can say “Call Marie Work”, and the phone will automatically dial the Work number stored under Marie. You can also say “Call Number” and speak the digits for it to dial. The other voice commands work in similar fashion, but for “Send TXT” and “Send E-Mail” you must use the keypad to type in the message since there is no speech-to-text dictation.


Samsung UpStage M620 Review
Samsung UpStage M620 Review
Samsung UpStage M620 Review
The Planner
is located under Menu and Tools. The Scheduler will show the current calendar month with today’s date highlighted. You can use the touch pad to select any day, month, or year that you want. After a date is selected, you can type in the Name of a Task, Start and End Time, Reoccurrence, and Alert Tone by using the keypad. When that date and time is reached, the phone will play the alert tone and show the task information on the screen.

The Speakerphone must be activated for each call that you wish to use it for. You first dial the number and press the Talk key. After the number is connected, you press the Right Soft key and choose Turn Speakerphone On. There are 8 Volume Levels that can be selected, but we found that going above level 4 can cause distortion to be heard in the speaker. Just like the LG VX8700, the UpStage only has 1 speaker (located at the earpiece) that is used for all sounds (calls, speakerphone, ringtones, music). Because of this, the Speakerphone is not one of the UpStage’s strong points, but due to the size of the phone, we can understand why only one speaker was used.

There is only a meager 52MB of Internal Memory, but the UpStage does come bundled with a 64MB MicroSD card. The internal memory is mostly used for downloading applications and ringtones, where the MicroSD card is used more for storing pictures and MP3 music files. Even though the phone comes with a 64MB memory card, you will find that it does not take long to fill up. Because of this, we would recommend using a 2GB card, which will give most users ample space for MP3 files and storing pictures.

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Display2.1 inches, 176 x 220 pixels (134 ppi) TFT
Camera1.3 megapixels
Size4.07 x 1.73 x 0.37 inches
(103 x 44 x 9.4 mm)
2.57 oz  (73 g)
Battery620 mAh, 2.5 hours talk time

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