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Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review

Samsung SGH-U700 Ultra 12.1

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We didn’t really get used to the touch-sensitive keys of the U700, and performed most operations slower than normally. The lag between key “press” and the action takes its time and if you want to do everything fast, skip to another phone.

In the reception test we put all phones through, the U700 performed best among the three Ultra phones (U100, U300, U700) but that doesn’t mean it is a signal-beast. It has just average reception and we rate it 5 out of 10.

The call quality is way better, and is one of U700’s strongest sides. The microphone is sensitive and your voice is strong and very clear on the other side. You sound realistic, but little muffled. Incoming sound is extremely strong, if we can rate it more than 10 out of 10 we would! Most people will turn the volume down a few levels and will than realize that the quality is also excellent.


The Samsung U700 left us with mixed feelings – we are definitely not keen on the touch-sensitve keys, but some people may think they are just normal. The design is attractive, but the dimensions are not ultra-small as with the U100 for example. The software has its pros and cons, good music player (still worse than the one of U100 and U300) and mediocre camera. We really like that the sound quality during a call is very high, which increases the phone’s overall rating significantly.

If you NEED 3G for either fast retrieving of the emails (as the browser is mediocre) or for video calling, this is the only Ultra slim Samsung with it. But if not, the U600 will offer you sexier design and quad-band GSM that can be used anywhere a network of this type is present. If you don’t need lots of memory and don’t plan to use the phone as a music player, better check the U100 which comes at half the thickness.


  • Sexy design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • 3G and microSD slot


  • Touch keys cause problems
  • Mediocre camera quality for 3-megapixel unit
  • Tri-band only
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Display240 x 320 pixels TFT
Camera3.2 megapixels
Size4.03 x 1.96 x 0.47 inches
(102.5 x 50 x 12.1 mm)
3.03 oz  (86 g)
Battery690 mAh, 5 hours talk time

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