Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review
Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review
Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review
Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review

The Messages menu houses the text/multimedia messages and the emails. You can set up to 5 email accounts. For keeping the data down, one can set downloading limit of 100/300/500KB but there also is an option for automatic polling of emails at interval of 0.5/1/3/6/12/24 hours. The fast data helps for fast retrieving of the emails.

Templates can be saved for text/multimedia messages, but there are none predefined. T9 predictive text system helps for faster text input. It is the most widely used system of this type.


U700 is only tri-band GSM/EDGE phone, using 900/1800/1900 MHz technology, it is not fully usable in the States but only in locations where 1900 MHz band is present. Additionally, the 2100 MHz 3G UMTS categorizes it as Europe-bound phone, as this 3G band is not supported in America. The support of HSDPA 3.6mbps theoretically allows for very high speed of data transfer over the air. If you insist on phone that have real global-roaming, the U600 doesn’t have 3G but is quad-band GSM.

Locally, the Ultra 12.1 can connect wireless via Bluetooth 2.0. Using a cable, it can be connected to a computer and synchronized with it. Unfortunately our unit didn't come in retail box with either cable or software.


The internet browser is NetFront which opens standard HTTP pages, not adapted for phone preview. Still, it cannot be compared with advanced phone browsers like that of Symbian S60 smartphones or the iPhone. The NetFront will open the page and do the job, but not as comfortable as you’d like to.

Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review
Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review
Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review
Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review
Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review

The browser is also used as a document viewer, as it opens Word/Excel/Powerpoint and PDF files from the memory! We had no problem with even large PDF file (1.5MB) but when it comes to complex Excel sheet with lots of data (text), the browser isn't convenient even in fullscreen view. It doesn't display it as a computer with small display, but with wrong formatting. Opening a mid-sized PowerPoint file, the program said "File too large" and didn't visualize it. Overall, it works, but not flawless. You will probably be able to preview the files you want, if they are not too complex and big.

MS Word file - Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review

MS Word file

Excel sheet - Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review

Excel sheet

Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review
PDF document - Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review

PDF document

PowerPoint file - Samsung U700 Ultra 12.1 Review

PowerPoint file



1. fiona unregistered

This is the most stylish phone I have seen. All the fones I have owned were Samsung and just when I thought u couldnt do better. Along comes the U700. Cant wait to get my hands on one.

2. unregistered

design wise it's cool, however, i have problem synchronizing outlook appointments to the phone. n the touch pad really sucks, i've never been able to successfully sent a sms without having to exit n re-type the msg again. n the soft touch key cant b changed, n i will always be surfing the net unintentionally.

3. shahzad unregistered

Ofcourse U700 is stylish with a stunning look...but some aspects need further improvement. the speaker (which is earpiece too) is not so powerful which makes it difficult to hear the incoming call alert in noisy environment (Nokia N73 is quite loud & even other cheaper Samsung sets are louder than my phone is). touch keys is a great idea but i have to be extra-careful while pressing left or right on jog dial (required in sub-menus) to avoid starting touch key related programs.

4. glock19 unregistered

so far so good. nice style. came from se p990i. using it as a modem is much faster then the se.probably because of the 3.5g. have to adjust much further if you came from a stylus type of phone. buttomline, its a great phone

5. Köke unregistered

One thing is sure: the design is excellent. BUT...the touch pads are extra sensitive when you dont intend to use them (very easy to accidentally touch some of them while e.g. writing an SMS and you suddenly find yourself on the main screen...) but sometimes clumsy when you really want to access the function. The fix internet links are also things that drive me crazy, I surf the net very often although I didnt mean to. Due to such annoyances it was a few times very close to perish by my hands on the floor. I find it also too quiet.
SGH-U700 Ultra 12.1
  • Display 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.02 GB
  • Battery 690 mAh(5.00h talk time)

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