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Samsung Transform Ultra Review

Samsung Transform Ultra

Posted: , by Brian K.



Samsung Transform Ultra Review
Callers were quite impressed with the Samsung Transform Ultra, noting that they could tell who was calling from the first word.  They stated we were slightly hollow, but very clear with no static or echo.  They said it was one of the better phones we’ve tested and rated us a 9/10.  We had a similar experience, with the caller sounding a bit distant but overall pretty good.

The battery life on the Samsung Transform Ultra is rated at 7 hours of talk time, up from 6 hours on the Transform.  We were able to get through a day of moderate use with plenty of juice left, so we’d assume it will be just fine for the average user.  Keep in mind that each user is different though, and your results may vary.


Samsung has done a good filling the mid-range Android slot in Sprint’s lineup, and the Transform Ultra is a worthy successor to the Transform.  It does not set out to make any radical changes, just offer better overall performance than its predecessor.  With a faster processor, more memory and a better battery the Transform Ultra accomplishes just that.  It certainly isn’t the best device Sprint has to offer, but at just $49.99 it is an attractive option to first-time smartphone buyers or parents on a budget.

Software version: EG30
Android version: 2.3.4

Samsung Transform Ultra Review:


  • Good build quality
  • Physical keyboard
  • Smooth performance


  • Spacebar is a bit flimsy
  • We’d have preferred a higher resolution display
PhoneArena rating:
User rating:
8.97 Reviews

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posted on 22 Mar 2012, 10:52

1. Roomaku (Posts: 278; Member since: 06 Feb 2012)

Nice for some people

posted on 22 Mar 2012, 10:59

2. downphoenix (Posts: 3165; Member since: 19 Jun 2010)

Seems alright, but can you guys review the ZTE Fury? These phones seem to have similar specs but the Fury is almost half the price of this when purchased outright and Im not elig for upg, wanting to know if its a good phone for the price or if I should just risk getting a used Evo or something.

posted on 22 Mar 2012, 11:04

3. htc_prep (Posts: 303; Member since: 09 Oct 2009)

As a sprint store technician I've seen a lot of transforms come in with major issues such as an unbearable lag when making the most general actions. Camera would fail religiously contacts would be removed off phone an Google phantom like and often times I've seen them take up to 2 hours to turn on even fresh out the box or after an ruu reload. Hopefully the bump in processor power is evident. =\

posted on 22 Mar 2012, 12:59

4. downphoenix (Posts: 3165; Member since: 19 Jun 2010)

are you talking about the original Transform or this one?

posted on 22 Mar 2012, 16:36

5. htc_prep (Posts: 303; Member since: 09 Oct 2009)

The original. I've replaced 3 transformers with this (that option is no longer available in the system) and so far the customers are satisfied with this. But its still early in this phones life. Strangely the sales teams in our market haven't recieved any for sale... Maybe they are waiting in customers perception of this device

posted on 22 Mar 2012, 21:52

6. ryanl (Posts: 6; Member since: 24 Oct 2011)

my store got this for sprint a couple months ago, we already returned them, they would not move.

posted on 02 Apr 2012, 06:21 1

7. samboycott (Posts: 11; Member since: 19 Jan 2012)

Google plans to move away from Samsung

Google is receiving millions of issues related to Samsung phones every day, so they have decided to move out of Samsung, then obviously they won’t support the android phones from Samsung anymore.
It is better to learn before time.
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Grab your Windows phone or smartphone now

posted on 23 Nov 2012, 23:33

8. phonedealer (Posts: 1; Member since: 23 Nov 2012)

As a retailer of all manufacturers Ihave to say I am very sorry I purchased this phone. Huge mistake. too many reasons to go into so Im just gonna say... DONT BUY IT! you are much better off with a different phone. The limitied ability of this phone puts it far below phones 1/2 the cost

posted on 02 Dec 2012, 14:48

9. Geronimo (Posts: 1; Member since: 02 Dec 2012)

Well now! for the past 2 years or more, I have been using a Net10 Lg900 with a Jackass Java simulated something thats supposed to represent a web browser, with a screen I can't see, and buttons I can't see etiher, and it's prepaid, and the minutes dissapear like a Las Vegas Magician with an overun bartab, when on the Web, so this phone when I get it tomorrow, will be like a godsend from Heaven. I mean, like and Angel from heaven dropped it out of the sky on accident whilte they were talking to God. If you want to see some misery on your face everytime you look in the mirror, get an Lg900,800,500 on down! Then you will know what the cell phone blues is.

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PhoneArena rating:
Display3.5 inches, 320 x 480 pixels (165 ppi)
Camera3 megapixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon S2, Single core, 1000 MHz
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Size4.57 x 2.40 x 0.55 inches
(116 x 61 x 14 mm)
4.90 oz  (139 g)
Battery1500 mAh, 7 hours talk time

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