T519 isn't a messaging device but has some extras – it comes with some preloaded templates for fast sending of messages; Pictures messages are also easily composed, and you can add multimedia files (pictures, videos) to them in a few steps. The phone lacks email client, but compensates it with incredible Instant Messenger that supports all major clients: AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo!. You can easily connect and have a chat with your friends.




To connect the phone with a computer, you can use an optional USB cable or Bluetooth connection. The phone has Bluetooth v1.2 antenna but unfortunately lacks A2DP profile for stereo sound over it. It's easy to pair it with any Bluetooth accessory like a headset for example, and you won't need a manual for doing this.

For data it supports EDGE that upgrades the slower GPRS. As it is quad-band GSM phone it will work on all continents, but even if it is unlocked, you won't be able to use its data (respectively internet and instant messengers) if you are not on a T-Mobile network or haven't “hacked” the phone. For use overseas with other carrier, after you've SIM unlocked the phone you should “hack” it and so enter other DATA (GPRS) and MMS settings manually. In order to do this, enter the following code: *#87927# , and then you can change the settings.

Unexpectedly, its browser is a real HTML browser and you can open pages, previewing them as on a normal computer browser. We loaded up phonearena's homepage, but unfortunately you may experience some troubles with pages as big as this. The phone will definitely deal with pages such as Google without any problem.

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