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In stand-by, the T519 is similar to other currents Samsung models – it displays the system information, the carrier name and the soft keys functionality. You can change the wallpaper image with another (there are about a dozen coming preloaded with the phone), with option to use any image you have stored on the phone. Pressing the sides of the D-pad will act as shortcuts, but the central “OK” doesn't work in standby mode – it would have been much more logically if it opened the main menu, as it is with most other phones. We found ourselves pressing it often in vain trying to access the main menu…

The main menu is displayed as a grid of 9 icons (3x3) which are animated and enlarge when selected. You can change the menu theme from black to white, but the phone doesn't support real themes – just that couple of color schemes. In the main menu every icon has its own shortcut (1-9 keys) and it's similar in the sub menus, which are displayed as list. After you've entered in a menu, you can go to the one next to it by pressing left or right – this way you can change a sub-menu without going back to the main.

Dialing a number can be displayed with large numbers, and an option allows every digit to be in different (Rainbow) color – a great feature some people who do not see very well. It lacks the animated pencil from the D900, though.

The whole menu of the device is extremely easy and logically arranged and you can easily find what you are looking for without reading the manual, even if you haven't used similar model before. The reactions of the phone are instant, and it won't lag while moving through the menus.

Phone Book:

The memory of the phone can store 1000 contacts, each of which can store multiple numbers, email, group, picture and ringer ID. Adding a new contact is extremely easy and logically, just as anything other in the phone. Unfortunately the Caller ID Image displayed on an incoming call has useless small size.

Searching through the list of the phonebook is done by directly typing characters, but the phone will search only through the “First Name”s first word. 


The organizer is situated in the Fun & Apps menu. You won't find anything extraordinary here, but all the things that are most often used. There are three alarms, with option to automatically power the phone ON if it is off, Calendar and Tasks, Simple calculator and Timers, and World clock with interface displaying the Earth's map. The unit converter looks terribly but is very usable.

The T519 has about 16-17MB of internal memory. A major upgrade when compared to its predecessor and its European brother, is that it features microSD slot. Using it, you can upgrade the memory up to 2GB!

A simple file browser is also situated here. It browses the files stored on the phone or on its card by types: music, videos, etc. It's not as good as advanced explorer on a smartphone, but it is OK for simple tasks.

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