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Samsung T509 Review

Samsung SGH-T509

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The T509 performed rather well on T-Mobile around Southern California. Everyone that lives in the area knows that signal strength is an issue, but the little Samsung was doing quite well. Experienced very few dropped calls, and only in areas where it could be expected that other phones would drop service as well. Actually reception-wise it fared better than other Samsung phones in T-Mobile's lineup and above average in general. So definitely two thumbs up here.

WAP however was a disappointment. It was slow (even though we were in an area where we had EDGE) and the navigation through it was not quite clear. Adding websites as bookmarks was tedious. In addition, ability to run Opera Mini would have been nice, but looks like T-Mobile has disabled internet access for Java, so no HTML browsing here. You are stuck with WAP. Good news is that WAP content is improving every day.

The screen was bright enough, so in direct sunlight there was no problem going around the menu. Viewing pictures however required a little bit of squinting. It is amazing that the phone managed to keep a decent battery life even with a screen like that set at the maximum brightness.

One thing that can always can be expected of Samsung is loud, clear and crisp sound. The T509 is not an exception. For it's thin size it was giving more than an earful to it's user, and the sound was always clear. On speakerphone the situation was very similar - crisp and clear sound, loud but not badly distorted. One nice change that Samsung kept from the T809 is the one button activated speakerphone. Some of their entry level phones have a speakerphone that requires pressing 2 buttons to activate. Luckily they changed that. Also the speakerphone now has a separate speaker, and does not use the earpiece.

The battery was holding up pretty well, talk time averaged at 3 hours, with standby going into a week. With average use the phone was holding up pretty well for two or three days. Charging from a completely dead battery to a complete charge took almost 2 hours though. Text messaging and gaming does bring down the battery life considerably, largely because of the screen brightness. It is a good idea to turn down the brightness down one-step.


Overall, Samsung's answer to Motorola's thin line of phones proved to be quite capable. The T509 is indeed a very good phone. Considering the features and the price this phone is sure to get some deserved attention. One thing that might be a turn off is the plastic casing, however that's pretty solid and doesn't feel cheap at all. Samsung managed to put some very nice things into this phone - good speakerphone, camera , Bluetooth, excellent screen. The user interface is also pleasure to use. Definitely very stylish, the phone fits both men and women that want to communicate in style.

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  • Stylish design
  • Beautiful screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Nice user interface


  • Plastic body
  • Camera is only of VGA resolution
  • Lacks voice dialing
  • Lacks MP3 player
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7.37 Reviews

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Display176 x 220 pixels TFT
Camera0.3 megapixels VGA
Size4.60 x 1.80 x 0.40 inches
(117 x 46 x 10 mm)
2.70 oz  (76 g)
Battery800 mAh, 3.5 hours talk time

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