Samsung Star S5230 Review

Performance and Conclusion:

We have almost made it to the finale, but first there is good and bad news. Let´s get started with the latter. In-call quality is disappointing to say at the least. We could hear people loudly, but voices turned out to be monotonous and muffled, not to mention there was that constant crackling noise that prevented us from being able to catch onto what people were saying most of the time. The other issue we encountered was mediocre battery performance. According to the official specification list, the phone should be able to provide 10 hrs of continuous talk time and over 800 hrs in standby, but that can´t be further from the truth.  We couldn´t even get it to last for a single day with like an hour of calls, less than 30 min web surfing, uploading 3 or 4 pictures on Facebook and typing in no more than 5 or 6 text messages. What a shame!

Now, to the good news. The Samsung Star S5230 performs well and is snappy for a phone on a budget. To sum up, it takes snapshots with great quality, packs an able, fully functional browser and comfy QWERTY keyboard. On the other hand battery doesn´t seem to last nearly enough and in-call quality is mediocre. We would rather get the LG Cookie because of its (more) responsive touch screen, better in-call quality and uprated battery life.

Samsung Star S5230 Video Review:


  • Compact and light
  • Good software QWERTY keyboard
  • Snappy accelerometer


  • Bad in-call quality
  • Battery performance is below par
  • MicroSDHC card slot is underneath the battery

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