Samsung Soulb Review


The two similarities Soul and Soulb have are not only in the design. They practically have identical interfaces with the solid model offering some options that even the flagship one didn’t offer.

The homescreen can be animated and set to change according to your location and the time. Another option includes the beautiful various theme-dependant dynamic clocks.

You can create your own themes, modifying the interface to suit you best. This is one of the customizations we like the most in general.

The Phonebook stores up to 1000 entries, and for each contact you can input multiple numbers, e-mail, additional information, picture, ringtone, group and a DOB. Unfortunately, you are not able to perform a second name search. When dialing a number the phone conveniently searches for matches in the contacts’ number. If you wish to activate the name search, select the first position in the options. For example if you dial 636 (6 – MNO, 3 – DEF), you will find Neo.

The main menu houses the Calendar, which can be viewed by month, week or day. This will let you easily plan your schedule, letting you have options to select the type of event (meeting, holiday or task). For each one of them, you can set start and end time, location, reminder and repetition if any (daily, weekly, monthly).

The rest of the organizing functions like tasks, calculator, timer, etc. are housed in the Applications menu.

You can create regular or multimedia messages and e-mails. Regrettably, there are no automatic settings for the most popular web mail servers and you’ll always have to enter them manually, which is not very convenient.

Samsung Soulb is a tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz), limiting its use in North America. The good news is that if you use it in Europe or Asia, you’ll be able to take advantage of the high-speed internet (HSDPA 3.6Mbit/s).

Unfortunately, the phone’s browser doesn’t correspond to the modern standards. It lack the panning option or “page pilot” like Samsung calls it, which is needed to view an entire page and then close up the area of interest. This greatly complicates viewing of large sites. Zooming is slow without shortcuts and it messes up the visualization. Some really heavy sites do not load with the excuse that there is not enough memory.In case web surfing on your phone is important for you, L770 of the same manufacturer is a better option.

Soulb’s camera is 3-megapixel without autofocus. That’s why it snaps pictures almost momentarily (for about 1 second and it needs 3 more till the next one) and it has a quite easy to use interface. You are able to adjust multiple settings - Multishot, Mosaic shot, self-portrait, effects (grey, sepia, negative, and water colors), frames, white balance. In contrast to the modern cameraphones, options for ISO sensitivity selection and macro mode are not available. The outdoor picture quality is relatively good with pleasant but unreal colors. It’s almost the same story indoors as long as there is a good light source or you have activated the flash. The presence of heavier noise in pictures made in dark environments is absolutely normal for a phone.

Unfortunately, the video recording capabilities are below average. It is done in the archaic 176х144 resolution and is only good for MMS.

The video watching capabilities have also been greatly limited. Although you can open a MPEG4/h.264 files with QVGA resolution, the results are terrible. The picture is very choppy and the sound does not correspond to the picture. The h.263 videos run relatively smoothly but the same discordance is present.

However, Soulb’s musical abilities are very impressive although they are not Bang&Olfsen branded, as the music oriented phones of the manufacturer. The speaker produces a loud and clear sound. The player’s interface is user-friendly and offers the options to sort and arrange the tracks according to the following indicators: times played, artist, genre, album and composer. Unfortunately the album covers are shown in very small size.

You also have FM radio with RDS, 1 GB built-in memory and a microSD slot, which transforms Soulb in a good investment if you like listening to music.

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