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Samsung Soul Review

Samsung Soul

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Magical touch?

As we’ve already mentioned, this feature debuted last year in the Samsung E950. It’s sad that the interface hasn’t been updated at all. Meanwhile, the rival company LG put a model out on the market, employing its system, which came out to be very impressive. So, the Soul’s “magical touch” advertisement sounds pointless.

The KF600’s InteractPad not only surpasses Soul’s in size and colorfulness, but it really gives the user a different feeling when operating the device. Samsung’s response is more of a regular D-pad with the options to change the colors and the effects. By default, the shortcuts in standby mode lead to the profiles, the music player, the internet browser, and to write a new message (SMS). The only cases, in which the InteractPad drastically changes its appearance and functionality are when listening to music, radio, using the calculator or the camera. Tears of sadness filled our eyes, remembering how LG’s touch interface was changing according to the games or was complementing the animated background. These are all things that should set Samsung thinking.


Samsung Soul uses software similar to the one seen in G600, e.g. one of the best solutions for a non-smartphone of the manufacturer. This enables the device to proudly offer the long gone option, called profiles. We have no idea why it took the company so long to realize that the user needs different sounds and settings in his/her everyday life.

Home screen - Samsung Soul Review
Main menu - Samsung Soul Review

Home screen

Main menu

For no apparent reasons, the designers have given up on the animated homescreen, which changes according to your location and time. It has been replaced by the preloaded themes, offering only dynamic clocks. Luckily, they are beautiful and there’s a variety of them available.

The same goes for the theme themselves, and you can now enjoy full colored icons thanks to the Spazio theme. They do not change the feeling you get operating the device substantially. There are only two variants for viewing the main menu – as a 3x4 grid or as list. The good news is that you have a built-in option to create themes and by using it, you can change the way the interface appears to fit “your soul”. We had this function in G600, but here it is slightly enhanced and offers more possibilities.

An innovation here is the switch menu, which offers fast access to the most frequently used functions (dialing a number, writing a message, internet browser, music player, and closing all active applications), no matter which submenu you are in. Actually, the phone doesn’t offer simultaneous use of random applications, but only of those, included in the switch menu.

Samsung Soul Review
Samsung Soul Review

If you’ve ever wondered how many contacts can a soul hold, we’ll give you a precise answer – exactly one thousand. The phonebook is identical to the one of U700 and is the most advanced, currently offered by the manufacturer in its non-smartphones. You can add up to five numbers to each contact, including home, business, and work. On top of that, you can assign to them pictures, ringtones, and a short note. You can only search by first name, which is standard, but annoying problem most non-smartphones have. In addition, the contacts can be sorted in groups with the same picture or a ringtone.

When dialing, the homescreen depends either on the themes or on the additional personification. The end result is something never seen before, but joy for the eyes. Upon entering the first digits of a number, it will be searched for, both in the phonebook and in the last calls made as well.


Samsung Soul offers organizing options, which are more than decent. For example, the five alarms available will help you not to be late for work/school.

In the calendar you can save events, divided in appointments, anniversaries, holidays, important, and personal. Strangely, the first ones are limited up to 100, the next two up to 50 and the last ones to 20. However, you can still choose if the calendar will be visualized as an entire month, week or a day.

Organizer - Samsung Soul Review
Calendar - Samsung Soul Review
Samsung Soul Review
Memo - Samsung Soul Review





Besides, from the applications menu, you are able to write short reminders and tasks (limited to 20). In this menu, we also have the world clock (kind of ugly, compared to KF600’s), the calculator (as we mentioned above, one of the few applications where the MagicalTouch Pad „shines”), the unit converter, the timer and the countdown timer. Overall, in this section, everything that is supposed to be here is present.

World clock - Samsung Soul Review
Calculator - Samsung Soul Review
Converter - Samsung Soul Review
Timer - Samsung Soul Review

World clock




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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. 000Lance (unregistered)

This is the best cell ever..... I'm gonna get one for sure !!!!

posted on 08 Jul 2008, 03:17

2. ahmad (unregistered)

good one, nice beauty looks

posted on 10 Aug 2008, 10:14

3. chrisgreek (unregistered)

i'm gonna buy it,thats for sure.Samsung Magical Touch ur my dream phone.

posted on 12 Aug 2008, 13:04

4. MUSICLOVER (unregistered)


posted on 05 Dec 2008, 18:19

5. (unregistered)

Awesome hardware let down by a dated, unintuative, inflexible interface, few options for true customisation compared to modern phones and so many irritating interface design flaws that it becomes an utter pain to use day-to-day. Seriously, the interface designers need to make a hell of a lot of effort if I am ever to buy a Samsung again - ten years behind Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Apple in terms of usability.

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