Samsung SPH-M520 Review


The M520 held its own in terms of signal and reception. Even in fringe areas we had no issues with signal quality or dropped calls. Callers on the other end reported that we sounded “very good” and on our end they were loud and clear. The speakerphone, however, did not perform as well. On our end it was soft though clear, but callers said we sounded distant even when we were next to the phone. It might be fine to use on a desk in a quiet office, but beyond that it was pretty much useless. The M520 quickly found and paired with the Samsung WEP500 Bluetooth headset, and users said we sounded fine but a bit crackly. The M520 is rated at 4 hours of talk time, but in our testing we fell short and were only able to achieve 3 hours and 34 minutes.


We really like the M520; it has a good form factor and we are excited to see a slider return to Sprint. For a mid-range phone it has a full feature set, and the build quality is top notch despite its plastic housing. It will appeal to average and advanced users alike, thanks to its classic good looks and powerful software. In fact, we would really like to see Samsung beef up the phone with a better camera, display and materials for a premium version. All in all, we think Samsung and Sprint have a real winner on their hands.


  • Small form factor
  • Strong feature set and price point
  • Solid phone performance
  • Live Search application
  • Elegant design


  • A metal housing would have been nice, though the plastic does not feel cheap
  • Relatively low resolution camera
  • Battery did not live up to rating, though still should be plenty for the average user

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1. Thomas unregistered

This thing feels incredible in your hands. The first time I pulled this out for a customer, I was shocked by how high-tech and expensive it felt, especially for a $50 phone after rebates. The software is similar to any other Samsung Sprint phone, which I like. I think this thing is going to be nearly as big as the Rumor.

2. christian37804 unregistered

so do you download opera mini?
  • Display 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Storage 0.016 GB
  • Battery 800 mAh(3.30h talk time)

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