Press the key on the right side of the phone, and after about only 3 seconds the camera interface will be started. It is similar to those of other Samsung phones and is not very comfortable. The icons are small and hard to understand, while the options are put in list menus. Hopefully shortcuts almost all keys are used as some shortcut. You can use a selection of color effects and frames to add to your images. The phone can capture video in mediocre small resolution (QCIF 176x144) that is worth using only for sending to another phone via multimedia message.

Camera Quality:
As a whole, the camera produces reasonably good pictures for a 1.3-megapixels unit of a entry-level phone. The exposition is not always as it should be, and the colors are not highly saturated, but the images look realistic and just well for a phone. Shooting outdoors, the result is satisfactory and we couldn't want more from phone of this level.
Indoor images will suffer from high-noise levels and you won't be able to take pictures in low lightning due to the lack of any LED for a flash.


The music player has interface similar to those of all other Samsung phones. You can change the visualization, having two options. We are surprised to see that there are no EQualizers here, which were present with other phones from the brand. The music is played through the internal speaker that is used during a call, and so is medium to low in volume. At the highest volume setting (10 of 10) you’ll get distorted sound, and if the phone is closed it will sound more muffled. As its used for ringing tones, in noisy environment you may miss a call if the vibration is not turned on.


The phone comes preloaded with four games: Forgotten Warrior (RPG), Arch Angel (arcade game), Freekick (soccer game) and demo of Midnight Pool (8-ball game). All these applications load up fast, and if you get bored of them other Java MIDP2.0 games can be added.

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