As other Samsung phones in the past few years, the G800 runs on a variant of the manufacturer’s operating system. Although it is personalized and as a whole is different than the one of all other models, it resembles that of the Ultra II series.

The home screen has three variants for wallpaper: standard image, “Living world” and “My screen”. “Living world” is the name of a feature we’ve seen before, one that detects the cellular network you are in and visualizes matching image (animation) of the location. “My screen” is something we wish we had seen when we saw the “Random image” option for wallpaper of the G600. The “My screen” will create a slideshow out of up to 9 images with a few options for duration and transition type.

The main menu is either a grid of 3x4 icons with large banner at the top or a list. Its look cannot be personalized due to the lack of both themes and color schemes. The sub-menus are visualized as list and as in other models, option to display even the next step (when you select a field with sub-option) is available. Typical for a modern Samsung, the menu has “memory” and will select the last used option by default.

As in the G600, F500 and a few other recent models, real phone profiles come with the G800. In addition to the Normal and Silent, it has one for Driving, Meeting, Outdoor and Offline which will turn the phone functions off. Each of them personalizes the phone sounds for incoming call, messages and the phone operation and features fields for Call alert type, Tone and volume for each of the three.

As this is a Preview, we will not discuss all of the phone’s features. The Phonebook, Organizer and Messaging menus are similar to other recent Samsung models from the higher class.


Samsung SGH-G800 is a tri-band (900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM phone with 2100 MHz UMTS/HSDPA 3.6mbps support, which in our opinion is ridiculous. Featuring only the European/Asian band it won’t be 3G usable in America, while packing only one of the two GSM American bands means it will work, but not in all areas. We think that Samsung should look at the competition and take Sony Ericsson K850 as example: with its quad-band GSM and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA receiver, it is usable all around the world.


As other modern models, the G800 is equipped with full HTML internet browser that renders the pages as on a computer, if you’ve chosen “Desktop view”. Complicated page like YouTube opened without any problem but as the resolution of the display is the standard 240x320, lots of scrolling is required in both directions.

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