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Samsung SGH-G600 Review

Samsung SGH-G600

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The Alarm options occupy one of the twelve positions in the main menu. Inside there are 5 fields by default but additional 5 can be added if those are not enough. The options for each alarm are separate and in addition to the time, recurrence and snooze options you can also set the tone type, melody and volume.

Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Samsung SGH-G600 Review

Another icon in the main menu is the Calendar, which by default shows the month but can also visualize only the week or the day. The default view can be personalized and so does the starting day of the week. Like the phonebook and some other options, it is absolutely identical to the one used in the D900. There are four entry types that can be added to a day: Appointment, Anniversary, Miscellany and Task. Appointments offer fields for the subject, location and details, start and due date and time, and can also be set to have alarm and to repeat (every day/week/month). As you can expect, the Anniversary will have fields for occasion and date and will also allow for alarm and reoccurring by year. The Miscellany is designed for reminders and houses the same options as the Appointments but lacks Location and option for repeat. As you can expect, the Task has definition field, start and due date, priority and optional alarm.

Calendar - Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Calendar - Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Calendar - Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Task - Calendar - Samsung SGH-G600 Review



The Calendar can store total of 400 entries, no matter their type. The Event list menu will allow you to easily browse through them and edit or delete any.

The other organizer features are packed into the menu called Applications. Here is the simply looking Calculator which additionally has options like sin, cos and others. From the options or through the common menu you can go to the Converter, with six types units and very simple interface. Unlike the D900, this one remembers what you’ve converted last time and for example if you convert EUR to USD, next time you enter in the Currency field those options will appear instead of the EUR to EUR which is by default. If you are sport enthusiast, you will appreciate the easy to use Stopwatch with up to 5 times and the (countdown) Timer. If you just want to write a quick Memo, 1000 symbols are at your disposal. The Voice Recorder can be limited to length suitable for multimedia message (6:16 mins in high quality) or to 1 hour and the options will allow you to save the records on either the phone’s 51.5MB of internal memory or on the microSD card. We appreciate that Pause is available during recording which can help you when some things must be missed, but one file recording is required. The recorded .AMR file can be directly played –back through the phone’s loudspeaker but in this case, recording you own speech from minor distance (a foot) gives best results. If the speaking-person is 3 feet away from you in a quiet environment, the sound will still be usable but with lower quality.

Calculator - Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Converter - Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Stopwatch - Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Voice recorder - Samsung SGH-G600 Review




Voice recorder

The File Explorer of the phone is called My files and is widely available in Samsung phones. It will sort the media by type and will allow you to move or copy files from one destination to other.

Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Samsung SGH-G600 Review

In the standard messaging menu are located the boxes and the settings for the text, multimedia and email messages. The interface for creating a text and multimedia message is one and the same and it turns into the latter once multimedia content is inserted. For text input, T9 system helps to reduce the speed and as always, it gives excellent results.

In order to use the email client, a mailbox must be configured. After the type (POP3/IMAP), it name, the address, the username and password are entered, the phone automatically filled the incoming and outgoing servers for our Gmail box. Still, it fills them with settings that are most commonly used, not ones that are 100% accurate. For example, we’ve chosen POP3 and Gmail account and the phone proposed pop.gmail.com as incoming server. This time this was accurate, but if your pop3 server uses for example mail.domain as incoming server, it won’t work. Way better is the solution, which either connects to online database or has one built-in and checks for the most popular domains. Similar one is used in WM6 smartphones.

e-mail client setup - Samsung SGH-G600 Review
e-mail client setup - Samsung SGH-G600 Review
e-mail client setup - Samsung SGH-G600 Review
e-mail client setup - Samsung SGH-G600 Review

e-mail client setup

The email settings are divided into sending and receiving. You can chose to send a copy to yourself, request delivery report or read receipt and to add signature, including name, number and/or note. Retrieved emails can be limited to headers only (or entire message) and download limit can be set to 100/300/500KB or Unlimited.


Nowadays the mobile internet gets wider popularity with every single day and the newer phones are equipped with full HTML browsers that can display pages similar to a computer. As they are big in size, faster data is need and this is one of the reasons for the newer generation (3G) networks. Strangely, the G600 isn’t a 3G device and for internet it will depend on the rather slow EDGE. Loading a heavy HTML page will take a few minutes, which is just too much. At least, as G600 is quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM it will be usable on any network of this type around the world.

The G600 full HTML internet browser, Access 2007 powered, is one of the best on the market. For our tests we used “Desktop view mode” option which shows the pages as close to the original (scrolling in both directions is required) and turned the “Virtual pointer” on, which is similar to the mouse pointer on a computer. The PhoneArena homepage rendered correctly and the only problem we noted is that the description of the Editor Picks’ didn’t visualize. Everything else was arranged as it should and we were able to navigate and read the text with no problem. The browser is good enough to correctly display other advanced pages like a forum for example, and we logged in our VBulletin and were able to read threads and delete the spam through the handheld.

Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Samsung SGH-G600 Review
Samsung SGH-G600 Review

For computer connectivity, in the box the phone has Samsung PC Studio software which is standard for the whole line of the manufacturer. Unfortunately the current version does not support Windows Vista and will work only on 2000/XP machines.

Samsung PC Studio 3 - Samsung SGH-G600 Review

Samsung PC Studio 3

The PC Studio allows for easy synchronization with Microsoft Outlook (Express) but from the computer you could also manage the phone contacts, messages, files, internet connections and multimedia content. The version we used was 3.1.2. which is the newest up to date, but the phone should also work with future versions.

Alternative variant for synchronization is missing, but there are a few options to transfer files: via Bluetooth or directly to the memory card, through card reader. This would allow you to transfer the camera photos and videos from the card to a computer and music in the contrariwise direction.

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Display2.2 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (182 ppi) TFT
Camera5 megapixels
Size3.97 x 1.85 x 0.58 inches
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2.99 oz  (85 g)
Battery800 mAh, 2.3 hours talk time

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