The whole phone organizer is in the seventh sub-menu of the phone, called “Planner”. All the standard functionality is here:
1. Alarm: three alarms that can be programmed for different days and times and ringing with user-defined melodies. Unfortunately you don't have option to rename them. The phone can also be set to turn Auto power-up if it is shut off.

2. Calendar with view by Week and Day options, and easy to add events in four groups (Appointment, Anniversary, Miscellany, Task) with alarm option.

3. Memo is for simple notes.

4. World clock with “world-map interface” but without option to save a set of cities, which time to follow for faster access.

5. Calculator with simple interface and options

6. Converter with six options but with ugly interface that also doesn't remember what settings you've used last (if you convert inches to millimeters, next time you want to do the same you will have to change the position “mm” to “inch” again)

7. Countdown timer

8. Stopwatch, saving up to four times, which is pretty basic and useless.

A voice recorder is situated in another sub menu of the phone; it allows for recording a sound clip with the phone's microphone and its interface is similar to that of the music player, as it was in the X820.

The D900 has 60MB of built-in memory that can be expanded through microSD cards, thanks to the slot on the left side. Protected by a rubber cover it allows for hot-swapping of memory cards without removing the battery and turning the phone off.


Nothing extraordinary with the messaging part too: everything is in the “Messages” that takes the central position at the main menu. For faster entering you can use Templates that you should have saved on your own; T9 also helps for the text input part. Composing a text or multimedia message is a piece of cake and in the last, you can add images or sounds from your phone's memory; the same can be done when sending an email message, as the phone is supporting SMTP/IMAP/POP3 protocols.
Retrieving of emails can be done as full emails or by headers only, which can help you for faster speed and smaller amount of data transferred to the phone.


Samsung SGH-D900 is quad-band GSM phone which makes it capable of world-roaming and so it can work in GSM networks on every continent. For data it packs GPRS and the faster EDGE with the last convenient for working with email or browsing the internet. For local connectivity the phone supports Bluetooth v2.0 which allows it to transfer data with high-speed through it. The support of various Bluetooth profiles gives it additional functionality and we are happy to see the A2DP profile for stereo audio here. Using the Bluetooth we didn't encourage any problems transferring multimedia files to and from the phone.

For synchronizing with a computer, the phone comes with USB cable in the box and CD containing Samsung PC Studio software. In our opinion, their software handles perfectly with what it should – you can easily manage the phonebook, organizer and messages, as well as the files on the phone (images, music, and video) and in addition, “Synchronise” option allows you to synchronize the phone and the computer with just one click. We found the tools for editing of pictures, music, and video files handy, as you will not need any other software to get multimedia files ready for your phone (you can easily crop and adjust images or cut parts of music files to be suitable for ringing tones).
During our test, using the USB cable provided with the phone, we transferred 17.1MB of data for 2 minutes and 45 seconds, which is speed of ~106KBps and is definitely not the fastest we've seen. The N73 for example transferred 1.45 MB per second, which is about 14 times faster!

Samsung's player

The internet browser is mediocre one, which is sad, as the phone has great QVGA resolution of the display that is enough for proper visualization of normal web pages over a phone. We did not encounter any problems with loading Google and searching through it, but once we've tried to open PhoneArena's main page the phone showed that it's not a smart one – an Error saying “Document too large” appeared instead of the site itself.



1. shahab unregistered

d900 is the best camera-phone

2. Michael unregistered

Your review has wrong statements as I mention below. 1. D900 can play video in landscape mode. Like D600, just press 1 button. The video will play in landscape/full-screen mode. 2. K800i definitely has better earphones by FAR. Just customize the EQ with manual settings. Next time, do better in reviewing.

3. unregistered

may have better earphones but not in sound quality, the d900 uses almost the exact same sound chip as in the apple ipod. next time, do better in commenting.
SGH-D900 Ultra 12.9
  • Display 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.06 GB
  • Battery 800 mAh(3.30h talk time)

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