The interface used in the slim D900 is similar to the one of the X820 Ultra, but in this case it is in portrait orientation instead of landscape one because of the difference in the two displays' resolutions. Except the standard service information like Signal straight, battery power and soft keys information, the home screen shows large date and time at the top. It is a must to put some high-res image as a background of the beautiful QVGA display, and as there is enough place you can also select a static calendar to show on the top of it.

An interesting feature is a Theme built in the phone that puts animated background with landscape scene (a forest and sky with birds flying around) during the day and automatically turns to a night scene (falling stars instead of the birds) during the night-hours. Unfortunately, D900 doesn't support other “real” themes that change the layout of the menu and its icons, but only a couple of color skins (black and silver one) (see main menu)

By default, Left, Down, and Right on the directional pad are shortcuts for “New Message”, “Music Player” and “Calendar', while pressing it Up opens a mini “My Menu” that is user-defined in the way the function of the four directions of the key are. Sadly, the central key is again Ok/internet key as in older Samsung phones and pressing it won't open the main menu but an internet browser instead, and we found ourselves hitting it very often, losing lots of time and nerves.

The main menu itself consists of Grid of nine icons, while most modern phone with grid-style menu show twelve icons at a screen. The background is in black or silver (depending on the color skin you've chosen) but is not transparent and do not show any background image (you can see some background image when you are viewing a sub-menu though). Moving through the menu options, you see that every icon has its dedicated color that is pleasant, combined with the simple design of the icons, producing overall simple, stylish, and functional menu. It can also be displayed as a list but in this case the colors we've just mentioned are missing and it looks boring as a whole, although the sub-menus pop up when you highlight any of the main menu options (0-9). Keyboard shortcuts are available in both grid and list view and they work flawlessly in the sub-menus as well. Moving from one submenu to other is also possible with left-to-right and vice versa but there is no indication for all the menus as tabs, as it was in the European Chocolate for example, and so is not that comfortable.

Black skin
Black skin
List view
Silver skin


The phonebook capacity is a thousand contacts and all that are saved are displayed in list without images but with the number and index icon (displaying its type – home, mobile, work, etc) next to it. Adding a contact is done in a few steps and there are two fields for names (first and last), five for numbers (which type can be changed and so you can enter five mobile numbers for example), email and notes text fields, one data field for birthday and three fields for group and personal CallerImage and CallerRinger. Searching of contact is performed by directly typing letters but unfortunately works only for the first word in the First name.

You can change the way the dialing screen looks, with the options to customize the font size (Small, Medium and Large) and its color, with “Rainbow” setting that gives different color to every character you type, which makes recognizing one from other easier. The built-in theme we've already discussed in the Interface part offers fun animated pen that writes on a white sheet of paper, but its performance is slower than the ordinary option.




1. shahab unregistered

d900 is the best camera-phone

2. Michael unregistered

Your review has wrong statements as I mention below. 1. D900 can play video in landscape mode. Like D600, just press 1 button. The video will play in landscape/full-screen mode. 2. K800i definitely has better earphones by FAR. Just customize the EQ with manual settings. Next time, do better in reviewing.

3. unregistered

may have better earphones but not in sound quality, the d900 uses almost the exact same sound chip as in the apple ipod. next time, do better in commenting.
SGH-D900 Ultra 12.9
  • Display 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.06 GB
  • Battery 800 mAh(3.30h talk time)

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