Half-inch thick

What you will notice immediately is how thin the phone actually is and how well it fits in your hand, with solid built construction (producing no crackling noises) that other phones would be jealous of. You can use just one finger, putting in on the d-pad below the slightly raised surface, to open the phone's slider, as its movement is supported by flawless spring mechanism, which helps you to open both gently and fast. Exactly the same goes for closing it – you won't experience any problems, as the designers of Samsung Mobile have provided enough space for your fingers (you don't have to touch the display as it was with the bulky N80) and the constructors have done wonderful job with the mechanism.

Opening the phone reveals the numeric keypad that consists of twelve plastic keys with flat surface, rectangular form and big size. Moving your fingers through them, you won't feel the different keys and we'd preferred Samsung has used some relief channels between the rows and columns of buttons, as in the half-inch of thickness there is no space to raise the keys and they are almost totally flush. Pushing them gives good tactile response, and entering a text message will not wear your fingers out as it was in the case of the Sony Ericsson K800 phone, which shared the first place with the D900 in our camera comparison. The latter is much larger piece, as it is 70% thicker (0.9 inches for K800 compared to 0.5 inches for D900) and 25% heavier.

The good tactile response is a characteristic of the keys on the upper slider, too, and so is the relatively big size. We didn't experienced any problems with them, except with the D-pad that typically has small area and pressing it is a bit harder compared to the other keys of the phone; it is surrounded with silver metal strip that highly contrasts to the overall black look of the phone. Contrasting is also the backlight of the whole keypad, which is in bright white color that adds to the stylish look of the slider.

In silver metal color are also the volume keys on the left side and the camera-dedicated key on the right, which unfortunately lack any backlight but are relatively well situated on the thin bottom slider. Except the couple of side keys, there are also a couple of rubber covers for the microSD slot and the headset/charger/cable connector at the bottoms of respectively the left and right sides. They seem solid and removing them is not the most difficult we've seen, although their tiny size, which helps them not to destroy the design

Above the d-pad is a glossy-black mirror-like surface that houses the typical SAMSUNG logo and a 2.1” display right above it. The latter is a very bright TFT unit with QVGA 240x320 resolution (the same one is used in the rivals of the phone: K800, N73) delivering even the tiniest details in the displayed images, thanks to the small pixel size. The images displayed are with high contrast and very saturated colors. In direct sunlight, the display is visible, but if you want it to remain perfectly visible, it must be looked at a certain angle.

At the opposite side (the backside of the upper slider) is situated the phone's key feature – its megapixel camera. Next to its lens, in a silver surface are situated the mirror for self-portrait, the LED flash and the “3.0 auto focus” label between the last two. All these modules are in a little bulge at the back, but there is a hole at the top of the lower slider, so these fit perfectly in, when the phone is closed, unlike the X820 that is characterized with its humped back.

CC sized Card-D900-PEBL
CC sized Card-D900-PEBL



1. shahab unregistered

d900 is the best camera-phone

2. Michael unregistered

Your review has wrong statements as I mention below. 1. D900 can play video in landscape mode. Like D600, just press 1 button. The video will play in landscape/full-screen mode. 2. K800i definitely has better earphones by FAR. Just customize the EQ with manual settings. Next time, do better in reviewing.

3. unregistered

may have better earphones but not in sound quality, the d900 uses almost the exact same sound chip as in the apple ipod. next time, do better in commenting.
SGH-D900 Ultra 12.9
  • Display 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Storage 0.06 GB
  • Battery 800 mAh(3.30h talk time)

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