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Samsung SGH-D780 Review

Samsung SGH-D780 DUOS

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Home screen - Samsung SGH-D780 Review
Main Menu - Samsung SGH-D780 Review
Samsung SGH-D780 Review

Home screen

Main Menu

As always, the interface is similar to the one seen in many other models of the manufacturer.

The only interesting thing on the homescreen is the presence of two indicators of the signal strength (one for each card). Here you can put the calendar or two clocks of different time zones. The main menu is viewed in a 3x4 grid, and the transition to another menu is visualized as either Slide or Door.

There are four preset color schemes, but there is not an option to create one directly in the phone. Interestingly, in G600, the Espresso theme was changing the type of visualization, and here it remains as in the other ones.


The phonebook can store up to 1000 contacts and for each you can add up to 10 numbers, a few e-mails, date of birth (not automatically added in the calendar) and more additional information. Looking through the list of contacts you will only be able to see two at a time, because there is a field added, indexing which SIM card should be used when dialing a number (the selection is done via the button on the left side of the phone). Searching is only done by first name and if you have a lot of contacts, you’ll definitely have trouble getting to the one you need.

Samsung SGH-D780 Review
Contacts - Samsung SGH-D780 Review
Search - Samsung SGH-D780 Review
Dialing Screen - Samsung SGH-D780 Review



Dialing Screen

SIM card controlling menu - Samsung SGH-D780 Review
The dialing screen can be personalized according to few criteria: font size and color, and background color. Upon inputting digits, an automatic search is activated that looks for matches in the numbers entered and they appear on the screen. In addition, you have the option to manually search through the names (for example, if you have a contact NЕО, type 6-3-6 and choose that option, it will appear as a result).

Dual SIM:

Pressing the button on the left side leads towards the SIM card controlling menu. You can select the primary and the secondary one or to stop any of them. You are probably wondering what’s the difference between the two. The primary card uses all three GSM bands and you can use the SMS service with it, meanwhile, this is not possible with the secondary one and it only works on two frequencies. These abilities are controlled by the selection in the main menu and not by the slot in which you have put a card in.

If for example, you are having a conversation using SIM 1 and there is an incoming call on SIM 2, accepting the call will automatically place the first one on hold. You are able to switch between the two cards just by pressing the button on the left side.
Calendar - Samsung SGH-D780 Review
Calendar - Samsung SGH-D780 Review


Samsung SGH-D780 Review
Samsung SGH-D780 Review


The main menu houses the Calendar, which can be viewed by month, week or a day. This allows you to easily plan ahead with options to select the type of event (appointment, holiday or task). Each one of them has a start and end time, location, reminding alarms and a repetition option day/week/month.

The rest of the organizing functions, which we know from the other models of the manufacturer, are located in the Applications submenu.

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Display2.1 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (190 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Size4.52 x 1.95 x 0.61 inches
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3.84 oz  (109 g)
Battery1200 mAh, 3 hours talk time

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