Phone Book
Unfortunately The R225 phonebook doesn't allow multiple phone numbers per entry. It holds only 100 entries in the internal memory. You can also store phone numbers and their corresponding names in the memory of your SIM card. The SIM card and phone memories, although physically separate, are used as if they were a single entity, called the phonebook. You can only store phone numbers no emails or additional text. You can assign specific LED color and ringer tones to different callers. Four colors are available (normal, red, violet and blue) and they can be assigned to up to five numbers. If no specific color is assigned, the service light flashes with the color you set in Service Light Color option Voicestrem's website allows you to type in names and address and send them to your phone, which makes setting up the phone book so much easier. I really like the paste function which allows you to paste the phonebook number into the normal dialing mode. Use this option to dial a number similar to one in the phonebook (a different extension in the same office for example)

R225 has a Li-Ion battery(900Mah). Very bad battery performance

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