Phone Settings Greeting Messages Own Number Language --- Text Language – English, Spanish, French, Input Mode Any Key Answer – On/Off BackKight – Off/Short/Long Service Light – On/Off Auto Redial – On/Off Car Kit Answer – Off/3 Seconds/5 Seconds/10 Seconds Caller ID – Default/Hide Number/Send Number Key Lock 15 seconds/30 Seconds/1 minute/2 minute/Off Reset Settings. Network Service Call Forwarding – Forward Always/ Cancel All/Unavailable Voice Calls/Fax Calls/Data Calls Call Waiting – Voice Calls/Fax Calls/Data Calls/Cancel all *Note: It takes a terrible long time to access the call waiting options Network Selection – Automatic/ Manual Line Identification – Clip Active *Note: It takes a terrible long time to access the line identification menu.
Security Settings Pin Check – Disable/Enable Change Pin Phone Lock - Disable/Enable Change Password Sim Lock FDN mode - Disable/Enable Change PIN2
LCD Settings Screen Mode – Normal Mode/ Image Display/Clock Select Image – Tiger/ Flowers/House/Kangaroo/Panda LCD Contrast 1 to 15 – For best viewing, set it around 9
Service Light Color – Green, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue
Organizer Scheduler Alarm – Daily Alarm/Once Alarm/Weekly Alarm/Alarm. I usually use the daily alarm. It can be set up to go on once a day, a week or just Tuesday to Friday. *The R225 has a full screen calendar with a monthly view. Unfortunately no TO DO list Tone1 Calculator World Time Clock – Set Time/ Set Date/ Date Format/ Time Format

Casino, Mole, Hexa

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