The keys are small (for larger hands) and not very soft compare to my other phone (Motorola P280). One of the features I really like is 1-button access to keypad lock (hold down *), silent/vibrate mode (hold down #), phonebook (down arrow) and message pad (up arrow) Like most Samsung phones R225 has T9 predictive text entry, which makes typing the words much easier, and faster (I never got use to this feature) It uses a built in dictionary.. You press the numbers that carry the characters that you want to type only once, and the software tries to guess what word you are attempting to type. Picture compares e Samsung r225 to Motorola 280.

I've used most of the features, and it is very easy to learn and customize. The phone has a "connect" tone (it sounds much different then the regular ringing tone) so you can dial a number and listen to that tone till the person answers the phone. You don't have to hold the device to your ear all the time (which sometimes can take a long time, especially if you don't have a very good reception). You can either look at the display, or wait until you hear the tone. Vibrate works well, and so does the key guard. It was very easy for me to use the address book. There are several ways, including typing the first few letters of the name or if you are on the main screen, simply push the down button and scroll through the whole list of names instantly. One thing I didn't like- it takes a long time to initialize the phonebook memory. When I turn the phone on, it takes a couple of minutes to make all the numbers available. AIM/2-way text messaging/e-mailing interesting, easy to set up; but tedious to type messages using keypad. Like most new phones R225 has Customizable ringers (including two distinct rings you can compose) and LED flash colors help you identify callers. If you don't like the default look, you can download images and customize your display. Set up conference calls from anywhere with multiparty calling. Drop participants or have a private conversation with one participant while multiparty call is still in progress. Keep track of meetings and flag important dates with scheduler function and use multiple alarms to keep track of time and events. Backlight - The display and keypad are illuminated by a backlight. When you press any key, the backlight comes on. To specify the length of time for which the backlight is active, set the Backlight menu option . Service Light - There are several cases in which the service light flashes: - When in service - When an SMS message is received (the light is orange) - When the alarms ring. - When you receive a call.

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