Dimensions (4.3" x 1.8" x .9")
Size wise the R225 is similar to Nokia 3390 but has external antenna, which makes it a little bit longer. My personal opinion – I don't like external antennas and I think a compact phone looks much better with internal one. It is not too small and not too big, comfortable to hold and fits nicely in the average pocket without bulging out. Compare to Motorola P280 is smaller and much lighter.

What really impressed me was the LCD 128 x 64 pixels screen, which is illuminated by a blue backlight. Contact wise the screen is very easy to read nighttime and daytime. I had so many problems with my old phone – Motorola P280 reading during the day. The phone has a service LED light, that informs the user when the service is available. The color of the light is even changeable to different callers and messages.

User Interface/Icons
Backlit - Navigation Key/Wheel - Clock - Text Message Indicator - appears when a new text message has been received. < - Voice Mail Button - Voice Mail Indicator - appears when a new voice mail message has been received. - Volume Select/Display - Signal Strength Indicator - shows the received signal strength. The greater the number of bars, the better the signal strength. - Service - appears when a call is in progress. - New Voice Mail - appears when a new voice mail message has been received. - Vibrator on/Silent mode on - appears when the Vibrate mode or Silent mode is active. - Alarm on - appears when you set an alarm - Battery strength- shows the level of your battery. The more bars you see, the more power you have left. When the battery is weak and only a few minutes of talk time remains, you will hear a warning tone and a message will be repeated at regular intervals on the display. When the battery becomes too weak for the phone to operate, the phone switches off automatically. - Phone Status Indicator - Display Size: 3 lines First line displays various icons, middle lines display messages, instructions and any information you enter (number to be dialed, for example), Last line shows the functions currently assigned to the two soft keys. Or shows various types of information, such as missed calls or the keypad lock icon. This information varies, depending on your SIM card, service provider or current context.

Call Management
Call Indicator, Call Log, Any-Key Answer, Auto-Redial, Roaming Indicator, Speed Dial, Phonebook Look-Up, Phonebook Scroll, Mute Control, No-Answer Transfer, Usage Alert, Vibrating Ring, Differential Ring

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