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Samsung Propel Pro i627 Review

Samsung Propel Pro

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Samsung Propel Pro i627 Review
The single speaker did an exceptional job at handling phone calls. We were able to listen to a caller very easily when volume was placed at the middle setting. There was a slight robotic tone to our callers, but we were still able to hear them well. Callers on the other line also stated that our voice was easily understood with very little repeating done on our end. The speaker phone quality lacked any punch to its volume when it was at the maximum. So we had a hard time understanding a caller when other background noise was present. But the caller was still able to hear us well on speaker phone.

Retaining a signal reception in the greater New York metropolitan area was no problem with the phone. But we did notice that bars were fewer on this device when we compared it with the iPhone and Pantech Matrix Pro. Data connection seemed to be steady wherever we were. Adding Wi-Fi will help those out in areas where 3G is not present.

The Samsung Propel Pro i627 got a decent battery capacity upgrade for being a smart phone. Unlike the first Propel, this one packs a 1440 mAh battery which is rated for 6.5 hours of talk and 288 hours of stand-by time. After four days of normal use and brightness set at the medium setting, we had over 40% of the battery left. Those numbers are still an accomplishment in our books. You can probably get more life out of it if you reduce the screen brightness.


So when you compare it with the other “Pro” devices available, you get a pretty well balanced phone with plenty of connectivity options. It’s not the first device we’ve seen use that reflective chrome material, but it has a unique design not traditionally found. Unfortunately, the QWERTY is awfully cramped and might cause some pain when typing long e-mails. But it still manages to run the Windows Mobile platform with its own unique home screen; lessening navigating through all those menus. The business professional will sure come to like all the features that the Samsung Propel Pro i627 has to offer while at the same time turning heads when this phone is whipped out.


  • Solid design
  • Wizpro home screen
  • Connectivity options


  • Cramped QWERTY
  • Reflective screen
  • Web browsing experience
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8.72 Reviews

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Samsung Propel Pro

Samsung Propel Pro

OS: Windows Mobile Standard 6.1
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PhoneArena rating:
Display2.5 inches, 320 x 320 pixels (177 ppi) TFT
Camera3 megapixels
528 MHz
0.1 GB RAM
Size3.90 x 2.40 x 0.60 inches
(99 x 61 x 15 mm)
4.83 oz  (137 g)
Battery1440 mAh, 6.5 hours talk time

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