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Samsung OMNIA Preview

0. phoneArena posted on 04 Jul 2008, 06:36

Until recently, all Windows Mobile devices were considered suitable for business consumers only, because of the good organizing capabilities and the lack of entertainment features. After the appearance of the iPhone and the euphoria that followed, the situation changed and more and more media functions became available in smartphones ...

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. Edwin N (unregistered)

I think this phone is pretty cool, but the ui looks kind of plain and simple (not simple in a good way.) I would have bought this phone, but I bet the price tag is going to be high because of the 5 megapixels, which I really don't need. I rather have a phone with a lower megapixel and a good price than have the phone's price be raised just because of a higher piccture resolution. I'm sticking with the dare or iphone 3g.

posted on 07 Jul 2008, 03:46

2. (unregistered)

That's wise decision, because with the OMNIA you won't get 3G in the US. iPhone 3G, Dare and Instinct is what we should consider ...

posted on 07 Jul 2008, 20:56

3. (unregistered)

Sure about that? There is talks that this is coming to Big Blue (AT&T) 3rd quarter. If AT&T launches this, IPhone 3G, Sony Ericson Xperia and possible the Garmin phone that has been going around, this could mean even more of strong line up for them

posted on 08 Jul 2008, 09:36

4. (unregistered)

man, it's hard to compare 1 high-end smart all-in-one phone like OMNIA, with 3 not-so-smart. iPhone 3G will compete with OMNIA only in multimedia features, but without the DivX/XviD support...

posted on 08 Jul 2008, 14:03

5. (unregistered)

you are so smart, i love you

posted on 14 Jul 2008, 01:26

8. (unregistered)

yes there are such rumors but not officially announced, so dont expect it too soon ...

posted on 10 Jul 2008, 13:20

6. (unregistered)

wow phone . better than X1 and Diamond AND iPhone 3G Thanks SAMMMY

posted on 11 Jul 2008, 05:54

7. Alec (unregistered)

Without doubt this is the most powerful smart phone on the market today. It has the highest set of technical capabilities and has raised the bar. If it proves reliable and responsive it will undoubtedly take off. I was going to purchase a new IPhone but there is no way I am going to pay the same price for an IPhone as this when I can get tons more functionality. Yes the UI is nice on the IPhone but I have seen tons of videos on youtube of this in action and it's a good enough UI. With the support for more video formats and the current wealth of Windows mobile software already out there it is a compelling purchase. They are already selling these on EBay!!

posted on 18 Jul 2008, 06:04

9. Jon D. (unregistered)

I just found out about this phone a couple of days ago. Since then, I've been looking around for more info. I'm in the process of leaving Sprint for AT&T (because Sprint decided to jump on the 5GB/month data cap for mobile broadband internet service....even for those of us in the middle of our formerly unlimited contracts). Anyhoo, back to the subject at hand. Having researched the hell out of AT&T's current selection of smartphones and PDA's, I've kinda gotten burned out on all the information. Then I find this gem. I'ts almost exactly what I'm looking for, and since It's allegedly a month or so away (as an AT&T offering) I will wait for it (with my little Sanyo Katana 2...talk about basic...I'm gonna be in for culture shock). About the the single GSM concern. I would find it hard to believe that AT&T would pick up a phone whose bandwidth support doesn't compete with similar phones in their product line, so either there's something we don't know about possible tech swaps, or they just wouldn't carry it. I will say that I would definitely choose the Omnia over iPhone anyday. It does way more stuff for people who want to use it to do more. It really does have the characteristics of a good smartphone, and a few of a PDA. It's got the most important features from various consumer needs areas; productivity, entertainment, and communication. When you look at this feature set, and compare it to the "Jesus Phone" (I love using that term) there's really no contest. And no, I can't actually call it an iPhone killer, the most the Omnia can do is wound it a little. It's not really made for the same crowd anyway.

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