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Samsung N330 review

Samsung SCH-N330

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Battery Life:
There are many different factors on how long this battery will last. If you have all the features turned on, you will have poor battery life. If you hardly ever talk to anyone, with all features off, it could easily last two or more days. I would have to say the battery life is average. Samsung specifications give you a digital talk time of 3.6 hours; however, I got a total talk time of 4.2 consecutive hours. I had all the settings set to the minimal power usage and the pop-up screen was closed so the key lights were off.

The reception is below the average Verizon phone that I have ever tested. I found a few areas to be “No Service” while a different phone with Verizon had one bar of reception. The reception is not bad, just not as good as others. It may be the internal antenna that is causing the lack of signal, but that is just speculation. If the reception issue was going to be the deciding factor with purchasing this phone, I would purchase it. It is not a big deal, unless you live in an area with poor Verizon coverage.

Call Quality:
I am impressed with the sound quality on the n330. I heard multiple people mention how they could hear me very well. I could also hear the other caller very well. The speaker volume of the phone is excellent. After further testing, I was quite impressed with crisp voices of callers.

The n330 is equipped with a speaker phone. I personally was not impressed with
its performance. The speakerphone is one directional. This simply means, when the person you called is talking, they can not hear you if you speak. This may not seem like a big deal, but I noticed that people kept asking me to repeat what I said. The beginning of things I said were not heard. I found this to be annoying and quit using the speakerphone unless I had to. To use it in the car with the windows down is nearly impossible. I would have to rate the speakerphone poorly.


The n330 has its quarks and advantages Overall, I would have to say I had a good experience with the Samsung n330. Samsung did a great job in combining the “cool” features of today with the essential features for decent performance. The one thing this phone is missing, a camera. If Samsung/Verizon really wanted to get the young people interested, they needed to add a camera. I was surprised at the attention this phone earned by many people who noticed the pop-up screen. I am pleasantly impressed with the n330!

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  • Pop-Up Screen
  • Call Quality
  • VibeTonz
  • VAD
  • Overall External Color Scheme


  • Reception
  • Poor design for the charging port
  • Speakerphone Performance
  • Small Keypad
  • Color Scheme of External Display
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8.28 Reviews

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Display128 x 160 pixels STN
Size3.80 x 1.90 x 0.90 inches
(97 x 48 x 23 mm)
3.90 oz  (111 g)

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