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Samsung N330 review

Samsung SCH-N330

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Samsung used t9 technology for the text input mode.  You can switch to t9, ABC, Symbol, or 123 text input modes on the phone.  The modes are self explanatory.

Samsung N330 review
The Text Format selection allows you to change the size, alignment and other options of the fonts.  The other headset receiving the message must have this feature also or it will not have the same text effects (see Motorola v265 screenshot).

Samsung N330 review
Samsung N330 review
Samsung N330 review
V265 screenshot
Add Media allows you to add pictures, animations, or melodies.  Do not mistake this for picture messaging.  You are not able to send regular picture messages.  The only things you are able to send are preloaded images.  However, you are not able to send ring tones that you downloaded from Get-It-Now apps.

Samsung N330 review
Samsung N330 review
Samsung N330 review

Quick Text just has prewritten text messages if you do not want to type anything.

Samsung N330 review

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