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Samsung N330 review

Samsung SCH-N330

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 The Contacts tool on this phone is nothing special, but it gets the job done.  The phonebook capacity is 500 numbers.  This means you can have 100 entries with 5 different numbers, 250 entries with 2 different numbers, and so on.  Every contact is allowed up to five different phone numbers (home, office mobile, pager, and fax), an alias, and an email.  There are no advanced features such as address, website, or notes.
 In the Contacts menu, you are also able to designate a ringtone and a picture .  In this you can also set the speed dial number.  I have a small issue with the speed dial though.  If you were to set “Frank” as speed dial 5 and he has three separate numbers, you are able to designate which number you want to call when you use the speed dial feature.  What is the problem?  What if you need “Frank's” home and cell numbers on speed dial?  You have to create a completely different entry in the phonebook, and then assign that to whatever the desired number may be.  There should be an easier, more organized way of adding multiple speed dialing.

Samsung N330 review
 Much like the Contacts, this Planner is made to just get you by!  It is nice if you just want to look at a calendar or even set an occasional reminder.  If you are planning on running your schedule with this phone, I would discourse you from getting this phone. 

There is a To-Do list, Memo Pad, Count Down Timer, Alarm Clock, World Time and a Calculator. 

Samsung N330 review
To Do List
Samsung N330 review
Memo Pad
I enjoyed using the Count Down Timer.  You just put in a date and it gives you the days, hours, and minutes.

Samsung N330 review
The alarm clock works nicely, due to the loud ring tones:
Samsung N330 review
Samsung N330 review

You can look at what time it is worldwide with the World Time feature.

Samsung N330 review

The calculator is rather easy to use (expect for the small keys I mentioned earlier) and helpful when you need to calculate your gas mileage at the gas pump.

Samsung N330 review

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