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Samsung N330 review

Samsung SCH-N330

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Color Scheme:
The n330 has a very nice color scheme.  It is not the typical silver look.  As sharp as silver looks, it quickly can get old.  This is a nice change.  The light blue back and sides blend very well with the white front with silver keys. 

Samsung N330 review
 The shape of the n330 fits very well in my hand.  The side keys are very easy to access.  This is very important since you will use them a lot to pop up the screen

 Not much larger than a credit card, the n330 is sized very nicely and compares nicely to other phones.

Samsung N330 review
Samsung N330 review
Samsung N330 review
 All of the keys are inactive unless the screen is popped-up, a headset is connected, or you are on a call. 

On the left side of the n330 are four different keys.  The top one activates the pop-up screen (pushed with the right side key also).  The second key activates the speakerphone during a call.  The bottom two keys are volume control.  During a call, it acts as a voice volume.  When you are not on a call they are for the ring tone volume.

Samsung N330 review
The right side has only one key.  This is the key to pop-up the screen. The headset jack is also located on the right side of the phone.  It has an attached cover so nothing will get inside of the jack.  The jack is a regular 2.5 mm headset jack.  I used a Samsung headset (with the button in the line) and it worked nicely to active voice dialing.

Samsung N330 review
I found the main keypad to be on the small side.  When I was rushed to type in a phone number, I found myself mistyping a lot.  The keys are not tough to push and make a small (like most) click sound.

Samsung N330 review
 A huge plus in the design of the n330 is the internal antenna.  A removable sticker in placed saying, “Internal Antenna Area: For best performance. Do NOT touch this area when using your phone.”  It was more easily said, than done.  For me to hold the phone comfortably, I had to rest my fingers on that area.  The internal antenna was a good idea for the looks of the phone, but I will cover the performance due to the internal antenna.  It definitely looks great though!

Samsung N330 review
LED Indicator:
 There is a light located on the pop-up portion of this phone.  It simply indicates activity (calls, text messages, charging, etc.)  on the phone.

Samsung N330 review
Charging Plug:
 There is a cover on the port to charge the phone.  This cover is in the way of the actual plug.  You need to almost force the plug in so it actually connects.  I found this to be extremely annoying.  On the other hand, it does protect the contacts from dirt and whatever else may get in probably would have done eventually. 

Samsung N330 review

Pop-up Screen:
 And now, probably the biggest selling point in this phone, the screen.  This is a very impressive feature.  Lately a lot of phones have been coming out with a sliding keypad.  Samsung took a different approach and added a spring loaded screen.  You simply press the two (one on the left side, the other on the right) keys and it releases the screen.  It is very solid and I tested it for awhile and it still slid smoothly.  Every time someone saw this phone they asked to pop the screen up.  It is like a bad habit!  When I first researched this phone I was very skeptical, but I have fallen in love with the idea!  When closed, it displays the time, date, and phone status on the visible half of the phone.

Samsung N330 review
Samsung N330 review

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