Samsung Modus HM6450 Review


Upon powering it on, we’re ecstatic to be greeted with voice instructions on how to pair it up – and in our case, we managed to connect it both to a Samsung Transform and an Apple iPhone 4. Astonishingly, there’s a ton of useful features with the Modus HM6450 that enable it to become the perfect companion – such as built-in voice commands, voice prompts, and support for Android’s Samsung Bluetooth FreeSync app. Essentially, the app is pretty intuitive and useful since it provides text to voice functionality – meaning, it’ll automatically read incoming emails and text messages to you. Although we’re subjected to a robotic voice when it announces messages, for the most part, it’s pretty accurate with its reading. Pressing the dedicated voice command button on the headset, you can quickly get access to common information like its battery level, connectivity status, and the actual time. Furthermore, pressing multi-function talk button will activate your handset’s built-in voice recognition service.

Impressively, volume output with its earpiece is pretty strong and near to the point deafening. However, connecting its included stereo headphones unlocks the headset’s true potential in emitting the best tones for music playback. Not only is it rich and robust with its tones, but pressing the voice command button while playing music, it activates the Sound Alive enhancement which basically cycles through 5 preset equalizer settings. All in all, it tastefully adapts well to the specific genre of music with its thunderous output.

When it comes down to calling quality, we’re more than satisfied with its performance since it exhibits strong and audible tones on both ends of the line in quiet environments. Take it elsewhere outdoors where there is an abundance of noise, it does a respectable job of cancelling out background noise to still give focus on our voice. And even though it’s capable of hushing gusts of wind coming through the windows of our car, voices have a somewhat muffled tone to them – but it’s still acceptable and comprehendible.

After fully charging the Samsung Modus HM6450, we managed to get 5.5 hours of continuous talk time – which is slightly below its rated 6 hours of talk time, but it still falls in line as being average. Regardless of that, we’re confident that 5.5 hours of talk should suffice for most people.


Absolutely, the most appreciable part about the Samsung Modus HM6450 is its relatively affordable price, which can range from $60 to $100 depending on where you go, and its resounding usefulness that encompasses a wide array of users. Naturally, business oriented users will love getting their messages read to them on the fly, but they’ll truly adore its good calling quality. On the other end of the spectrum, its powerful volume output combined with its stereo headphones, enables it to quickly transform to accommodate the needs of any music lover out there. When you have a solid headset like this, it’s very hard to not take notice!

Samsung Modus HM6450 Video Review:


  • Convertible headset implementation
  • Great noise cancellation performance
  • Useful Samsung Bluetooth FreeSync app
  • Affordable, yet with tons of features


  • Muffled voices during windy conditions

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