Samsung Lindy M5650 Review

Interface and Functionality:

We wish we were able to say something like “the Samsung Lindy M5650 delivers a brand new, revolutionary interface that modifies depending on your needs and in terms of overall ease and comfort of use, even the software of the iPhone cannot hold a candle to Samsung´s brilliant invention”, but sadly, this is not something that we can say. What you´ve got is the standard TouchWiz featuring motley widgets, themes and main menu of multiple pages. Unlike the Corby, there are applications for social networking that are accessible via dedicated widgets. The programs are Java-based and tend to be somewhat sluggish, but provide basic functionality like uploading pictures and making comments.

If you happen to like using the mobile versions of the relevant websites, you won´t have a problem at all, since the Samsung Lindy M5650 sports 3G (HSDPA 7.2Mbps) and Wi-Fi support, so pages load extremely fast, plus the WebKit-based browser visualizes even complex websites like ours without a hitch. Scrolling feels smooth and you can zoom in and out on objects by keeping your finger pressed against the screen. Flash elements fail to load, but still, you can watch streaming videos via the built-in player.

The Samsung Lindy M5650 is a relatively snappy handset, although the internet-based widgets and certain Java applications tend to run somewhat slowly and are rather unpleasant to use.

Camera and Multimedia:

There is nothing really fascinating about the camera, so we are going to cut the story short. It features 3-megapixel sensor and lacks flash, but offers a number of options, including smile detection. Snapshots are of much better quality compared to pictures taken with the Corby – the image details are acceptable even in relatively poor lighting conditions and colors are OK, even if slightly thin to be properly realistic. You capture videos at QVGA resolution and 15 frames per second and frankly, their overall quality is bearable in case you intend to watch them on your handset screen or send any via multimedia message.

Samsung Lindy M5650 sample video at 320x240 pixels resolution

The music-related capabilities of the Samsung Lindy M5650 are, however, much more interesting. Since the device is equipped with hardware buttons for playback control, the audio player lacks software keys for that and there is more free space for visualizing album art with larger size, plus there are shortcuts to the music equalizer and the 5.1 channel virtualization option. If you opt for content filtering by relevant album or genre, you will see a truly cool-looking visualization based on CD images (similar to that of the Samsung BEAT DJ M7600) that is, unfortunately, a bit sluggish.

The handset is equipped with surprisingly good loudspeaker that delivers proper sound even if you leave the phone on a table and the audio quality is pleasing, albeit a tad sharp. The boxed headset is worse than the pair the Corby S3650 comes with and its sound is rather annoying with the volume going at full blast. You can fix the issue with proper equalizer settings (we recommend the WOWHD option) or by plugging in better earphones, something that is easy thanks to the 3.5mm jack.

All this, however, doesn’t exhaust the subject of the music-related functionality of the device, because the Samsung Lindy M5650 features FM radio with RDS and built-in audio recognition. Moreover, the handset can help you tag content properly and suggests similar audio tracks that you might also like. Another interesting feature is the integration of the music-oriented social network into the player. It provides information on bands and upcoming gigs and the application itself allows you to scrobble audios track that you´re listening to; just remember that using the feature equates to more traffic. All told, the program will certainly make the Samsung Lindy M5650 more appealing to a great number of audio buffs.

The video player is not exactly useable, because during our tests we failed to get any of our clips to play, except for MPEG4 content with QCIF resolution.

Eager gamers will be disappointed to find out that all titles preloaded onto the handset are merely demo versions.



1. annasofia unregistered

hi, can i ask how to easily get the settings for gprs of the samsung lindy? because even if i have enough loead, i cant surf the internet. i can only surf through wifi.

2. annasofia18

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 18, 2011

i cant connect to the internet using load, pls send me the handset settings...
Lindy M5650
  • Display 2.8" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 3 MP
  • Storage 0.05 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 960 mAh(3.00h talk time)

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