Samsung Level On Pro wireless headphones review

One of the most popular accessories we see users pick up is a nice pair of headphones. And though you can pick up an excellent pair for not a lot of cash, sometimes it's worth paying a bit more for a real tricked-out set. That's just the outlook we're trying on as we check out one of Samsung's high-end options, the noise-canceling Level On Wireless Pro.
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1. RoboticEngi

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" If you place the headphones on backwards, for example, you might be swiping away without any response – and it could be a few moments before you realize what's wrong. ".....Then you know someone is trying hard to find something to go negative about..... Regarding UHQA, maybe the difference between HQA and UHQA is so small that normal people simply cannot hear the difference?

2. maple_mak

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So that's why there's a headset can get score 9 from this page...

3. TechieXP1969

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Features that are specific to a manufacturer is now a Con? Really? How about features of other products from other companies where the products have specific features that work only with their phones? You've never mention this as being a con. And reading your review, you didn't mention anything bad, but it only scores a 7? Oh because we have to take off a point or 2 because its Samsung?! Most headphones are made of plastic. Plastic is far more durable vs Aluminum. You guys are just dicks when it comes to Samsung products.

4. nikhil23

Posts: 411; Member since: Dec 07, 2016 plasticky construction and works only with apple and sub par audio a 9 because....

6. TechieXP1969

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I didnt even want to mention APple, but since you did. As far as I know, Apple headphones are the only products that use the W1 chip. So since my Samsung phones doesn't have it, then it should be a con for being exclusive to Apple. Based o the cons here. The sound quality has been stated to sound only "slightly" better than the EarPods. Apple products son't support 24Bit audio. So that means Samsung products that do, will sound better, providing you actually will use higher quality audio. On Apple products 24bit audio would sound just like 16bit audio. Apple products don't even have a good EQ. AT least not one that lets you control levels in music/audio independently I know each writer has their own preference. But when it comes to a review, you are suppose to give scores based on the products own merit. Not biased for another. Hating Samsung is such BS. They are a tech company!

5. TechieXP1969

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CONS UHQA doesn't do much for sound quality - According to info I read, it appears you may need to actually listen to higher quality music, in order to trigger this feature. Maybe it doesn't work with lame cheap 128bit MP3's. The headphones support 24Bit audio, so why not try 24bit audio and not 16bit audio. YOU EVER THOUGHT OF THAT?! Some features limited to use with Samsung phones - This shouldn't be a con on anyone's products. Having features that work with the manufactures products are common. All manufacturers do this as a benefit for using the products with their products. They are headphones. They all have basic function that work on any product. This is a benefit not a con. Occasional clicking with ANC engaged - Ifs its only occasional, why is it even mentioned? Plastic construction doesn't feel too durable - You only gonna be wearing them on your ears. Its not meant to be a helmet. Considering the size, plastic was used to keep them light. Beat headphones as an example, are mostly all plastic. I have a pair BOSE that costs $200 retail and they are plastic. You guys here make up the most lame BS to give Samsung products the lowest possible score. You guys suck!

9. nikhil23

Posts: 411; Member since: Dec 07, 2016

Agree lacking EQ is a big con and yeah Bose QC35 has a plastic construction as well.

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