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Samsung Knack Review

Samsung Knack

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Samsung Knack Review
Regardless of how many features a phone has, or does not have, in the case of the Knack, the most important aspect is the reception and call quality. The reception was marginal at best, with it sometimes showing no bars and “searching for service” inside buildings, where all other Verizon Wireless phones we have tested had no problem maintaining a signal. When used outside, we were able to get 2-3 bars of solid reception, but in fringe areas the signal drops again. This is a disappointment, as the Knack is partly marketed as an “emergency use phone”. Call quality through the earpiece speaker is good, as long as the volume isn’t turned up to high, thus resulting is distortion to be heard. The biggest surprise was in the volume of the speakerphone. When turned up to high, it sounded louder and had less distortion than most other phones. This is beneficial to people who use this option frequently. However, due to the reception issues, the U550 and Gleam are a better choice, as both are able to maintain a more solid signal in buildings and fringe areas.

The included 1000mAh battery is rated to give 4.5 hours of talk time or 14 days of standby time on a full charge. Our testing revealed 4 hours talk time on a full charge, which is better than the 3 hours of talk time we achieved on the Gleam and U550.


Overall, the Knack is designed for someone who wants a basic cell phone with the ability to make and receive calls and the occasional text message. Unfortunately, the poor reception we experienced is cause for concern.  Even though we were in a high-coverage area, we did experience moments of no service with the Knack, where other Verizon phones did not. Because of this, we believe the Samsung U550 and Gleam to be a better and more reliable choice, as both are in the same price category, even though they have more features than a basic user may want.



  • Easy to use
  • Simplistic design
  • Large dial pad
  • Loud speakerphone


  • Reception is lacking
  • No additional programs or customizations
  • Does not have a camera
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Display2.2 inches, 176 x 220 pixels (128 ppi) TFT
Size3.78 x 2.01 x 0.74 inches
(96 x 51 x 19 mm)
3.63 oz  (103 g)
Battery1000 mAh, 4.5 hours talk time

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