Samsung Jet S8000 Review

Who is smarter than smartphone? Albert Einstein? Adrian Veidt, the superhero Ozymandias from Watchmen? The blond chick living next door? Or the new Samsung Jet S8000? Find the answer in our review…
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1. yiqitt

Posts: 2; Member since: Jul 25, 2009

Get me one !

2. behold--me

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3. Thijs

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 25, 2009

After reading a lot about the Jet, Arena and Omnia, I bought the Jet a few weeks ago. Because I'm one those gadgetfreaks who cares about details there is a few nuances I'd like to point out (to Samsung if there 'listening') - The camerafunction has lots of options, but when I select one of the situation-scenes, like portrait I can no longer put the flasher on, what's up with that? - Unaware that there is a new connector on the market called MicroUSB besides MiniUSB, like used on digital cameras, some more info on that could be handy. - Activating Divx via VOD on doesn't work, I've tried it several times. (Xvid-videos do work) - Getting a GPS signal for Samsung Navigation takes a long time, like 10 minutes. (anyone know how to solve this?) - I was looking forward to the TV-out option/connectivity. I have tried to connect several mini-jack to the three tulip yellow, white&red-cables from Jet to a TV. All did not work. I called up Samsung if there is a special cables available(like with the first Omnia), they replied "No, and we don't know when it will be available..." If anyone knows more about this cable please let me know. Besides these details the Jet is really fast, on internet aswell. Taking pictures during the day is good, great shutter speed. Texting in wide screen is handy. Because we can't check how a cellphone functions in a store; Phone Arena: thanks for the preview & reviews of cellphones! Grts

4. sunkadam

Posts: 2; Member since: Aug 26, 2009

nice phone..

5. mjpower4

Posts: 7; Member since: Oct 27, 2009

Good for a feature phone - it isn't a smart phone so cannot be compared to that but in it's class feature wise it is really good. Tried it on Vodafone in the shop and it is a little slow so jet by name not by nature. The way the widget goes to the website for facebook etc instead of a specific app is disappointing as surely this could have been incorporated without too much difficulty which is odd as it is targetted at the social networking crowd

6. olip74

Posts: 2; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

Don't buy it!!! I sent this phone back after two days as it is severely compromised. The screen is beautiful and a nice novelty but the main problems are as follows: * The touch screen is resistive, not capacitive and is nowhere near as good as iPhone or HTC products. It was painful to use, sometimes I had to press 3 times to register a touch, other times I would select something while trying to scroll. Also there is no multi-touch support. * The widgets are huge! Once you've added two or three to a screen you can't fit anything else in. They could at least have provided smaller 'shortcuts' to the apps or something. * With a 16GB card full of music the phone lagged badly when browsing. Unlike the phone book the menus in the music player do not support search or alphabetical indexing, this means browsing through the entire song list took more than 7 minutes - made worse by the touchscreen issues mentioned above. The list doesn't loop back either, meaning you need to browse all the way down to a song beginning with W for example. * Playlist support is abysmal. You can only add tunes from the song list (see above) and the artist is not displayed so you can't see what version of a song you are selecting. Once you select your tunes they are added to the playlist in reverse alphabetical order and you can't reorder them - no kidding!!! This kind of feature is important to me but the implementation on the Jet is no use at all. * The sync software kept dropping the connection when transferring large amounts of music or media. Also if you drop media files onto the card in mass storage mode the media player will not pick up the tags (everything shows as 'unknown'), basically forcing you to use the sync software. * There are absolutely no apps available for this phone!!! The biggest buzz in the mobile world at the moment is around apps - the iPhone app store, the Android marketplace. Samsung has nothing, about 18 apps in total, none of which are very good. The official Samsung app site and their Jet Facebook page have gone silent and I couldn't find any statement from Samsung about addressing this glaring gap. I could go on but these were the worst aspects for me. The phone looks nice, has a lot of gizmo features and was heavily hyped by Samsung at launch but the user experience is fundamentally flawed. I sent mine back and got an HTC Hero on similar terms - the contrast is like night and day!

7. olip74

Posts: 2; Member since: Nov 10, 2009 follow up on that last point, Samsung have finally set up a passable apps store. So far there are just over 500 apps there, but most look pretty useless and those that look useful are pretty pricey compared with the Android marketplace. e.g. * There is a remote control app (for playing files on your computer) but it's £2.50 , Gmote for Android is free. * No FTP client (e.g. FileDroid on Android, free) * No torrent app thin client (Transdroid on Android, again free) * No iPlayer, Spotify, Imeem, Pandora apps * Etc, etc

8. mob

Posts: 3; Member since: Apr 15, 2010

After using the Samsung Jet for one month, here is exactly what I get: THE GOOD: very good screen resolution and colors, but only in the shade. THE BAD: extremely weak battery life. Half a day in average usage. The phone EATS the battery in a very high rate. Screen not visible in sunshine. Phone restarts by its self, this happens during using its menus. I have tried 2 phones same result. Touch screen is not sensitive and phonebook freezes in the first 2 or 3 touch trials then responds easy. Very annoying. (don’t even think of comparison with iphone). Extremely weak GPS, almost useless. Also you have to pay to use Route 66 GPS navigator. No light color theme, all very are in dark background. Browser does not re-arrange pages after enlarging. Very difficult to read pages after enlarging. I did not succeed in opening a single flash file. Power point files are not supported. Body is very slippery it will fall from your hand for sure (someday). It is not quick as expected, even with the 800mhz processor on board. The NEW PCSTUDIO will not be installed on your computer if you are using Win7. A Final word, this phone is not reliable, too much advertisement but reality is totally different


Posts: 4; Member since: Apr 26, 2010

After 2 months of my Jet, its audiojack get f*cked up suddenly, and it has not repair! What I most did in it was listening to music, so I threw away my money in this cheap shit. This phone is a big CRAP!

10. Carogers unregistered

I would like to say that this is one of the CRAPIEST phones ever made by samsung!!! nothing on it works proprely!!! the touch screen is slow, the camera functions are crap aswell ( but samsung are the best for the photos)!! to send a msg it takes you ages coz you have to press the buttons twice, i even had to buy a mobile pen for it so maybe it would work better,.................. STILL CRAP!!!! no apps available!!!! the navigation doesnt work!! if you have alot of photos on it u cant get into facebook, a 2gb memory card is useless, has to be over 8gb!! Whats the point of offering a smartphone without alot of memory!!! i have always bought samsung, but this is the last time!! i had about 6 different samsung all good, and they last for ages, but PLEASE SAMSUNG, when u offer a smart phone, see that it is SMART!!!! worst phone ever!!! FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS A PROPER SMART PHONE BUY THE i-PHONE 4G OR HTC EVO, nothing more, those are the proper ones

11. OverratedChild unregistered

I've had this phone for about 2 years now, since I had a contract. I got it for free, so no real money lost. I do have a few things to say about the fone tho. 1. Crappy Screen sensitivity / Resistive technology SUCKS 2. Lack of app support / goto a hundred different Web Forums to find a working touch game 3. HORRIBLE SPEAKER! Sound descriptions: Rock= Dying Cat, Techno/RnB= Drowning Cat, Rap= Dying Rapper with a Lung disease 4. NO OFFICE SOFTWARE! WTF kind of smartphone, doesnt have office software pre-installed, or at least available for download. 5. For some reason, despite having a 800MHz proccesor, this phone is friggin laggy. I can be scrolling through my emails fine, then when i open the settings app, and start scrolling it starts to lag. Sometimes its the other way around. 6. Not very User friendly. You have to have used it to understand what I mean.

12. Spiridon unregistered

It's all about commercial... TouchWiz is so ridiculous. 800Mhz - c'mon, in combination with ressistive touch screen it's sometimes can be frustrating. Not to mention that Samsung stoped supporting it long time ago. I bought Jet 6 months ago,and I was hoping that project Jetdroid will be succesfull,now I have lost my hope. Switcing to Nokia X6, so we will se :)
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