Samsung Jack i637 Review


The Samsung Jack i637 is pretty much a typical Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard device with easy access to the things that are most important for a user.  Even though the home screen offers no real personalization and is just what you would expect from 6.1, the other standard features – calendar, tasks, notes, contacts, and email – does a lot of heavy lifting and will help you stay organized (just ask Ozzy Osbourne in the Jack commercial!).  The standard items for personal organizing are great, but IE simply won’t do and you are much better off downloading and installing a 3rd-party browser.

The phonebook is very straightforward and the number of contacts you can have is really just limited to the amount of memory you have on the phone.  Creating a new entry gives you the option to place the information on the SIM card or as an Outlook contact, with lots of different fields.

The 3.2MP camera is loaded with features, like exposure, white balance, several resolution options, shooting mode, and more.  The quality of the pictures is pretty good for a 3.2MP camera, especially for outdoor pictures. Still, if you want high-quality photos to capture your favorite memories, we recommend you use a stand alone camera and only use your Jack for casual picture-taking.  The Samsung Jack i637 has a video mode as well for capturing those moments in life where you want full motion and sound, but the video quality is marginal.  Video clips lack sharpness and appear a bit darker than they should be.

Outdoor sample video shot with the Samsung Jack at 320x240 pixels resolution

Indoor sample video shot with the Samsung Jack at 320x240 pixels resolution

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