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Samsung Infuse 4G Review

Samsung Infuse 4G

Posted: , by John V.



Samsung Infuse 4G Review
Besides the hollowness in voices through the earpiece and speakerphone, we’re pretty much content with the overall good calling quality of the handset. Thankfully, there is no distortion or background noise evident on either end, which makes for some clear conversations. In addition, our callers say that our voice is clear and distinctive on their side.

Signal strength with the Samsung Infuse 4G is normally found at -83 dBm in high coverage areas within the greater Philadelphia region. Meanwhile, we didn’t experience any major fluctuations in signal strength or dropped calls during our testing.

Leaving a bitter taste at the end, battery life with the handset is rather lax in output since we managed to get 15 hours of normal usage with a fully charged battery, which mainly consisted of text messaging, web browsing, emailing, and an occasional phone call. Clearly, heavy users will want to constantly charge it as much as they can, while light users should edge near a day of usage.


After being encompassed with jubilation upon first handling the device, it eventually subsided as we began to really figure out the ins and outs of its offerings. Yeah, its $200 on-contract price is more than fitting, and equally contends with its rivals in this area, but there’s just this nagging feeling knowing the that it’s not quite on the same level as some of its next-gen peers; specifically the Samsung Galaxy S II. However, it still packs a punch with its impressive razor thin construction and larger than normal Super AMOLED Plus display – making them its standout characteristics. Oppositely though, we’re rather saddened to see that its highly touted 4G speeds are still nowhere close to what we see put out by some of T-Mobile’s devices. Nevertheless, the platform experience is still solid, despite not having Gingerbread from the onset, but hopefully it receives its dose sooner than later to keep it in favorable light amongst consumers.

Software version of the reviewed unit:
Android 2.2.1
Software number: 1.36.605.1
Kernel version:
Build number: FROYO.UCKD5

Samsung Infuse 4G Video Review:


  • Super-sized & beautiful Super AMOLED Plus display
  • Razor thin construction
  • Peppy performance


  • Slow “4G” data speeds
  • Unable to handle sites with heavy Flash content
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posted on 09 May 2011, 08:08 5

1. Eingild (Posts: 203; Member since: 19 Apr 2011)

This phone got 8.5 for not being able to play heavy flash contents, while iPhone got 9.5 for not playing any flash content at all. PA FTW! (I'm being sarcastic here.)

posted on 09 May 2011, 09:49 4

3. Eingild (Posts: 203; Member since: 19 Apr 2011)

Oh and btw, this handset got 8.5 for low 4G data speeds. I'll bet on PA giving iPhone5 a 9.5 or even a 10 even if it does not support 4G data.

posted on 09 May 2011, 08:50 3

2. ecml490 (unregistered)

8.5! really. You can't put the slow 4G speeds on Samsung. That's all or mostly AT&T problem with the slow speeds. If the iPhone got a 9.5 then this phone should of gotten at least a 9.6.

posted on 09 May 2011, 10:48 6

4. WirelessCon (Posts: 311; Member since: 11 May 2010)

Why are so many people upset with PA's scores on the Infuse and Galaxy S II? So what if the iPhone got a higher score last year, it was LAST YEAR. It's 2011 and it's an industry that changes crazy fast. Both the Infuse and Galaxy S II are great handsets. Reviews are from the time of release, they're not written to stand the taste of time.

posted on 09 May 2011, 16:21 4

7. rayjones09 (Posts: 149; Member since: 16 Dec 2010)

Yea. And idk if most people noticed, the Verizon iPhone got a 9/10, not 9.5. But they ignored me when I said that the first time.

posted on 22 May 2011, 11:17

11. ikkuh (Posts: 42; Member since: 22 May 2011)

well, it's Apple's best phone for months to come so comparing to that is fair enough.

posted on 09 May 2011, 11:16 2

5. ecml (Posts: 129; Member since: 23 Mar 2010)

@WirelessCon Do you know the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S II? Infuse? Very impressive and deserved a higher score.

posted on 10 May 2011, 09:02 1

9. WirelessCon (Posts: 311; Member since: 11 May 2010)

ecml, good point on the specs, but there's more to handsets than specs. Reviews are subjective not quantitative. Reception is far more important than chip speed, yet reception is never tested to the extremes that should be expected for a website writing phone reviews, but that's Phonearena's subjective choice. Reception benchmarks would be a great aspect to these reviews.

posted on 10 May 2011, 03:35 2

8. andymp3 (Posts: 15; Member since: 07 Dec 2010)

I love this phone and wish it would come to Canada. I have had the GS GTi9000 ...loved it ..and now have the Captivate and the Dell streak so the game play capabilities and touchwiz mixed with a larger screen like my streak would be the perfect phone...I only hope Samsung smartens up and comes out with a new model with a dual core in it....A 4.5 inch screen is the happy medium for me...The streak is nice however is a pain sometimes when I don't have big pockets or a jacket on...This phone seems large however not so big that is can't be carried around...After having the Dell Steak for a while... a 4 inch screen seems so small when surfing the web or watching movies...Hopefully there will be a big enough demand for 4.5 to 5 inch screens to push samsung to produce another dual core version. I will keep my fingers crossed...!

posted on 22 May 2011, 11:12

10. ikkuh (Posts: 42; Member since: 22 May 2011)

Have to agree with eingild. This infuse does about everything better than the iPhone 4. Sure the iPhone has a slicker OS. We all know the reason for that: if you don't do much it can't slow you down either.
If you look objective at the hardware compared to the 9.5 iPhone 4 there's only one conclusion: the iPhone 4 has a much to high rating.

posted on 01 Jun 2011, 16:38

14. GG (unregistered)

Does the Infuse underclock the processor like the Galaxy S II?
http://www.phonearena.com/reviews/Samsung-Galaxy-S -II-Review_id2728/page/5

posted on 02 Jun 2011, 18:47 1

15. RORYREVOLUTION (Posts: 3117; Member since: 12 Jan 2010)

I tried out the Samsung Infuse for 3 days before having to return it. MIND YOU I DID NOT WANT TO RETURN IT. But I am stuck with Verizon for now and let me tell you. The screen is huge and gorgeous. It's very lightweight and thin, plus I like the back cover.

Second, yes it's a single core processor, meaning TURN THE PLUG INS ON DEMAND. If you do that, the browser is very fast, smooth and works great. Okay I am so sick of how PA purposely lowers phone scores because of Flash. At least Android HAS FLASH.

posted on 06 Jun 2011, 20:08

16. gcsqrd (Posts: 1; Member since: 06 Jun 2011)

great if you're a kid, not if executive over 25. No Outlook sync? Whose going to put their thousands of contacts and personal notes & data on the cloud, or AT&T for that matter? Thought I finally had something other than Blackberry or iPhone to get into the century with. No joy.The 3rd party garbage sync offerings hearkens back to the 90's, form field matching and all. While Samsung has deftly replaced Sony in most my home, their website is just about as terrible. Could have been, should have been a winner, all else is quite nice but without 'normal' functionality it isn't going to replace Blackberry anytime soon.

posted on 17 Jun 2011, 17:58

17. ElectrohouseR (unregistered)

There is no such thing as 4G yet.....not until 2012! haha. Call AT&T and ask if you don't believe me.
The phone is 4G because it will support 4G but there is no 4G data yet.

posted on 07 Sep 2011, 19:44 2

18. M-Walsh (Posts: 7; Member since: 02 Sep 2011)

So I've had this for about a month now, and it's been nothing less(or more) than highly respectable. I haven't gotten any hangs, crashes, or freezes that weren't 100% my fault(for modifying the phone's software beyond factory specifications). The screen is large, however quite pixelated since it's still the 800*480 resolution seen on phones with 3" screens, but it is SAMOLED+, so it's got great black levels and doesn't use much energy in most situations when compared to LCD. However, I personally think the vibrancy of the screen is far, far, far overrated, my desktop has a slightly more vibrant CFL LCD screen, however it could just be a software issue on my end.

Onto the speed itself, out of the box it's alright, however it can be made infinitely better by doing some simple things such as installing LauncherPro from the market, and rooting and removing AT&T/Samsung bloatware. You can do a quick search on the internet for "ways to speed up android" and get many more suggestions which all have an effect, whether noticeable or not depends on what you're doing and your individual phone. There are far more advanced ways such as installing a custom kernel and overclocking, however you should NOT attempt this unless you didn't just have to google "what is a phone kernel" as it can damage your phone instantly and permanently.

Sound on this device is crap due to Samsung's horrific audio drivers, it shouldn't be noticeable to the non-audiophile however.

The Gorilla Glass screen scratches like plastic, so I'd definitely recommend a matte/anti-glare screen protector, however a clear one will do. I don't know why my device scratches most of the time, I wear polyester pants with pockets that are easily turned inside out, so I always check to make sure there's not a grain of sand or anything harmful in my pocket, and yet it comes out looking like I had sandpaper in my pocket every time. Be sure to check out my Infuse screen protector review on my profile to see how to properly apply without getting dust or bubbles.

ALL Samsung devices charge incredibly slowly, it might take 8 hours to charge from dead to full. Although your battery should NEVER remain dead or full for very long, leaving a battery at full charge degrades the battery quickly, as does discharging it fully. It's best to let it go down to 10% at the lowest, or 70% at the highest and then charge it fully, but unplug it as soon as it reaches full charge. They do NOT have a memory like all the propagandists would have you believe, so charging it from 60% to 70% 100 times a week isn't going to change anything compared to 20% to 100% 10 times a week.

There's a lot more to say about it, but I'll stop there.

Lastly, if you will buy this smartphone I suggest at:www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00505S2RI/phonearena.com-20

posted on 17 Sep 2011, 03:31

19. Shrek (unregistered)

If anybody needs this phone in INDIA, u may contact me at shadaabsharik at gmail

posted on 09 Dec 2011, 16:35

20. garynjohnson (Posts: 1; Member since: 09 Dec 2011)

I have used this phone (infuse) for a few days and find that the battery does not last more than 1/2 day before needing recharging. Also I find that I cannot hear the conversation unless I put the call on the speaker phone. I purchased from ATT as a refurbished phone and will be returning to them. Overall the phone is good except for the 2 things I commented on.

posted on 09 Feb 2012, 17:26

21. daniellegatton (Posts: 1; Member since: 09 Feb 2012)

I absolutely love this phone, has a lot of features. I love the front facing camera, for face time, the app store is mainly free especially if you download 4shared. I love how fast this phone is, it has a big screen and is really thin, Love the gorilla glass. This is a great phone, i'd definitely reccomend purchasing this!!

posted on 24 Nov 2013, 07:34

22. ReneN (Posts: 1; Member since: 24 Nov 2013)

I love my Samsung Infuse. Unfortunately before I found a case for it, I dropped it not once but twice one week after I bought it at a pawn shop. On the second drop, the screen broke. This was 11 months ago. With a hefty $135 screen replacement (I paid $50) I chose to wait until it died. Albeit sometimes it is hard to read the screen through all the cracks, it has been functioning perfect. The phone is just now slowing down and freezing. Any other phone would have died on the spot.

posted on 01 Jul 2014, 15:03

23. Dynamo (Posts: 1; Member since: 01 Jul 2014)

hi is this the same model as the Samsung Infuse 4g SGH-i997 and do all the models come with the built in memory of 16gb

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Samsung Infuse 4G

Samsung Infuse 4G

OS: Android 2.3.6 2.2
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PhoneArena rating:
Display4.5 inches, 480 x 800 pixels (207 ppi) Super AMOLED Plus
Camera8 megapixels
Samsung Exynos 3, Single core, 1200 MHz, ARM Cortex-A8 processor
0.5 GB RAM
Size5.20 x 2.80 x 0.35 inches
(132 x 71 x 9 mm)
4.90 oz  (139 g)
Battery1750 mAh, 8 hours talk time

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