As we often say, it doesn’t matter what crazy features a phone offers if it cannot perform as a phone first and foremost. The INNOV8 performed ok, but it could have been better.  On both ends of the line the sound is strong enough, but the voices are sharp and sometimes you might not be able to understand what the caller is saying, and at times we had an echo of our own voice.

The INNOV8 offers many options and is a stable and quick smartphone, but we have encountered faster phones running the same OS. Samsung claims that the battery will hold up to 8 hours of talks or 13 days in standby mode, which are excellent results, especially for a smartphone.


In the end, after putting the INNOV8 through the paces, the big question remaining is still “Is it worth it?”. Overall the INNOV8 is a good phone but it’s not unique. The only complaint we have about the design is the problem with the misaligned slider, but overall the phone looks good and feels good. Symbian S60 is one of the best operating systems on the market. Although on paper the camera can be considered as high-quality, we were disappointed with its performance and it did not compare favorably with the best in its class. We have issues with the musical capabilities of the phone, but we would have been happy to see the ability to play XviD videos. Videos looked good on the 2.8” screen, although we would have preferred a higher resolution. We find ourselves running into a common theme with high end devices such as the N96, iPhone 3G, OMNIA and now the INNOV8; they are all very fine devices, but are taking small evolutionary steps rather than ground-breaking revolutionary ones.  We cannot stay the device lives up to its name, but it is a good device nonetheless.


  • 8-megapixel camera
  • 2.8” display
  • A good music player with nice sound via the 3.5mm jack
  • Quality video playback
  • Flash objects in Web pages
  • Nice games and applications


  • Not a well-made slider
  • High camera resolution but average quality
  • Better than average video formats support but not the best
  • Average sound quality during a talk

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