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Samsung HM3600 Review

Posted: , by John V.



Since it’s positioned to be a mid-range offering, we’re presented with a mild set of voice prompt and control features with the Samsung HM3600. Upon powering it up, we’re greeted with a voice that instructs us on how to pair the device up with its general set of directions – and in our scenario, we connected it to an HTC Incredible S. Naturally, we’re able to pair it up easily with a second device, since it employs multipoint technology, but the primary device supersedes the second when it comes to voice control. Specifically, pressing down the multi-function talk button activates the primary handset’s voice control app – but that’s as long as it has its own built-in one. For the most part, it manages to accurately recognize our voice. However, it’s bitterly strange to find a mid-range headset like this to lack support for A2DP – so don’t expect streaming music with this one.

Granted that the HM3600 will announce an incoming call through the headset, it unfortunately doesn’t announce it by name or number – but rather, just a general notification. Pressing the talk button will obviously accept/end the call, while holding down the volume up key will place it in mute. With the earpiece, it pushes out some strong tones that make it audible in both passive and noisy environments – though, it could be better if the headset is fastened more tightly to the ear.

Calling quality appears to be towards the middle of the road with the HM3600 seeing that there is still some evidence of distortion in our voice – despite knowing that it utilizes noise and echo reduction technology. In windy conditions, it seems to work with its ability to still produce prevalent voices, but there is just some distortion when we speak. Thankfully though, the volume’s ample output still makes conversations very forgiving. Moreover, voices for the most part sound clear and natural on our end of the line.

Samsung HM3600 Review
Samsung HM3600 Review

When it comes to retention, the HM3600 is able to solidly connect with a handset that’s placed in an adjoining room with 30 feet of separation.

By far the best thing about the headset is its long lasting battery life that’s probably the best of the bunch that we’ve checked out of late. In fact, we obtained a talk time of 12.5 hours with a single charge and blasts past its manufacturer’s rating of 9 hours. So if you’re looking to find something that will provide plenty of talk time, this is your ticket to chat away vociferously.


Overall, you’ll get a tolerable experience with the Samsung HM3600 – despite the fact that we don’t like its loose feel in the ear. Regardless, at least we don’t find it too irritating to use during prolonged usage and it’s complemented by its exquisitely long battery life. So for $60, it’s not that bad of a deal considering that it does a decent job in combating the wind and noisy environments, but don’t think for a second that it’ll win any awards with its conventional looks.

Samsung HM3600 Video Review:


  • Long lasting battery life
  • Audible voices in noisy/windy conditions


  • Loose fit
  • Basic set of voice guidance & control features
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