Samsung Gravity T Review

Performance and Conclusion:

Call quality was good on the Gravity T on both ends.  Callers said we were clear with no real problems, though they said we were a bit tinny.  They rated us 8/10 and we would say the same for our end.  Samsung claims the Gravity T is capable of 6 hours of talk time and 16 days of standby, both more than adequate for the average user.  Given its poor web performance we don’t expect many people will be draining the battery surfing the internet.

The concept behind the Samsung Gravity T is good enough, but the execution is poor.  The TouchWiz UI simply can’t keep up on the Gravity T, even while it works well on similar devices like AT&T’s Samsung Sunburst.  If the phone were an entry-level $30 unit, like Sprint’s Seek it would be one thing, but even the Seek runs smoother and the Gravity T is a hefty $80 on contract.  With phones like the MyTouch 3G and Samsung Behold II offering a plethora of more features for a mere $20 more we suggest skipping on the Gravity T in favor of a real smartphone.

Samsung Gravity T Video Review:


  • Nice build quality
  • Above average phonebook
  • Decent camera performance


  • TouchWiz interface is gimped due to memory constraints
  • Keyboard doesn’t have very good feel
  • Web browser isn’t very usable
  • High price for what you get

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